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  1. Might be IP banned
  2. ackight

    Tribot crashing

    I use tribot glass with runelite and if I click on my runelite client it crashes runelite
  3. Hi, when I use looking glass + osbuddy I am getting really bad FPS, any fix for this? Cheers. Note: I have a brand new PC.
  4. Ty brother! What do I thieve for the level I want? I am currently 25 thieve
  5. Hey guys I want get 53 thieve botting, what is the best script?
  6. Do not bot accounts you do not want to lose, if you have to use looking glass and bot only 4-5 hours a day and you should be fine.
  7. Also which bosses do you recommend for 60/99/45/ 90 hp 81 ranged?
  8. Can I 24/7 nmz with low ban rate or should i still be cautious - Absorb or prayer pooootz
  9. Hi, I am 78 ranged on my near maxed zerker - I want to bot it to 99 any ideas/scripts that I can use?
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