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  1. Bought 10M just now, big vouch, quick and easy. Always heard great things about you man, thank you. About to buy another 20m right now if he has it. Much thanks! edit: bought another 20m. Will most definitely buy again in the future! Thanks so much man
  2. edit: bought from yoho thanks man <3
  3. Yes thank you for the reply. Support has been nothing more than helpful, I just wanted to post here to see if there is anything else I could try before replying for support again.
  4. Hey guys Not really sure if this belongs here but I am unsure of where else to post. So basically, so far I have bought 6 or 7 proxy IP's. I have never had an issue at all with any of them, until now, with a new IP I bought recently. I buy proxies from http://socks5proxies.net/ So I bought a new proxy and I entered the information on maxthon so I could create new accounts and it would not connect no matter what I did. So I contacted the admin at socks5 and he was super helpful and even white listed my IP and also gave me a new proxy IP to try. No dice. At this point I am not sure what the issue is. Does anyone have any suggestions? Before I take up admin's offer to skype and team view the problem I figured I would ask here for suggestions. Thanks guys
  5. Great work! Thank you so much for what you do. Much appreciated
  6. This is happeniong to me now too after having thought I fixed it. Not sure what is causing the problem. I am using maxthon brwoser with looking glass and it just gets stuck in the world hopper list. very annoying, I am wondering if there is a fix. [08:40:11] hopping to world 2 [08:41:03] we are sleeping for: 592 [08:41:49] hopping to world 3 [08:41:54] Detected world is either full or.. unable to join, going to next world [08:41:55] hopping to world 4 [08:42:00] Detected world is either full or.. unable to join, going to next world [08:42:01] hopping to world 5 [08:42:06] Detected world is either full or.. unable to join, going to next world [08:42:06] hopping to world 6 [08:42:06] detected worlds are most likely offline [08:42:13] Detected world is either full or.. unable to join, going to next world [08:42:21] Detected world is either full or.. unable to join, going to next world [08:42:21] hopping to world 9 [08:42:29] Detected world is either full or.. unable to join, going to next world [08:42:29] hopping to world 10 [08:42:30] detected worlds are most likely offline [08:42:40] hopping to world 11 [08:42:45] Detected world is either full or.. unable to join, going to next world [08:42:46] hopping to world 12 and just keeps going. Any fixes we can do to remedy it Erik?
  7. Farming pet is pretty awesome and I can't wait to get him on my main. Already at 13.5m+ farming xp ._. gonna name him groot
  8. Did you guys manage to sort it out? I am having the same exact problem May is having and I am using osbuddy guest mode on looking glass. It gets caught up sometimes in the server hop and just sits there repeating through the worlds clicking the same spot. I was hoping to originally use looking glass through maxthon browser but now it is not appearing in browser and instead pops up the runescape client. any help is appreciated thank you guys and awesome awesome script <3 edit: Fixed it. Noob mistake >_< feel bad for even posting. So I just had to download 32 bit JDK java since maxthon only supports 32 bit java and not 64 bit and tribot and maxthon have to match as well. So I deleted all old versions of java, every single java install and then downloaded 32 bit JDK version 102 and it fixed everything. I have not experienced the world hopping error and I think all systems are nominal. Glad I was able to fix it and sorry I am blowing this thead up lmao. Great script thank you
  9. That's so awesome. When you already come from a background of scripting knowledge it really helps boost you further with scripting tribot scripts I am sure. I have really only dabbled in basic html and have developed a few websites and forums, but really want to try out tribot scripting. It seems pretty straight forward but I am curious how long it takes to learn some basic methods and learn as I go The only other unique script I can think of would be a steel plate leg collector in wilderness. There is a spawn in graveyard of shadows and they alch for 600gp each. I am sure something could be scripted for that
  10. Hey guys. Recently bought an account for a quite a bit of money and plan on using it for gold farming as much as possible but safely as possible. To achieve this, I am going to be using looking glass, and lots of breaks as well as other small things here and there and playing legit. Before anyone says it, yes, I am willing to lose this account, hence why I am botting it but I still want to make it last as long as possible. Another thing I was wondering if I could do was calculate my natural playing mouse speed on that account without botting and then when I do bot, I use that number for the script? (140, 130, 135, etc whatever it may be in terms of tribot mouse speed) I was wondering if this is possible. If you guys have any other botting tips I'd like to hear it but I am sure I got most the basics already. I just need to get the break schedule down too, if you guys have a recommended break layout I would really appreciate it. Much love
  11. Hey man. This might be a bit of a project, but I suggest something like an air orb runner. There are only 2 available ones, the premium one is not great from time to time from what I have heard and the free one stops at 72 magic I believe. Some people would love that I am sure. The beer idea itself though is a great idea and seems like a good project to do. I am hoping to start getting into scripting as well as it seems pretty interesting and somewhat fun to learn. Either way I wish you luck. If you need accounts or anything let me know.
  12. Did you make this guide man? If so, props, keep up the good work ^^
  13. Idk who this guy is or how I keep stumbling across his videos but I respect the man. It's easy to make fun of someone, but I am glad to see him getting support from people on his videos, and quite honestly, it is not a bad guide at all. Hope this dude gets a lot of subscribers
  14. captainblast

    Make RS gold fast

    He's contributing to the community in the manner that best fits him. Don't hate a man trying to help out fellow men.
  15. damn really? I was just using the break handler on 8 accounts with no problem at all and only 1 missed log in
  16. Ok, I am willing to sell to you friend. What is your skype? You can PM me it or lemme know here. Ill be online for a bit
  17. I don't know the recomended account per IP limit but I usually keep it to under 5 bots per IP to decrease chances of chain bans through your whole farm. Up to you though, I'm sure you could easily get 10-20+ accounts banned on 1 IP before they start issuing locks for new accounts on that IP.
  18. 3.50 isnt bad at all, especially if you can make it back by gold farming. It lasts a month, which is more than enough time to suicide the IP and get your money back. All IP's I have bought are clean so far. It's a good service and it's automated too
  19. http://socks5proxies.net/ This is what I use. IF you need help setting up your proxy through a browser to be able to create the accounts heres a guide
  20. Charter ship is the best low b udget way you can do it. otherwise agility/fairy rings or the 40k zul andra teleports. I always just did charter ships but on my main I am working on getting 76 agility (cancer) for rings to zulrah
  21. Yeah man I am done with paypal once this is settled. Here's an update guys. So I spent literally 2 hours on the phone with Paypal, about a hour and a half of that was waiting on hold which wasn't too bad because speaker phone is a blessing. I was transferred a total of 5 or 6 times and the final time a nice dude came on and I laid it out for him. He said because it's digital goods it's hard to check/verify these types of cases. But he said it is in my favor and that he put a note on the case saying that we knew each other in real life for a year and that he blocked my phone number and my snapchat. He said if he does not respond VIA his paypal email within 5-7 days I automatically win the case and I get my money back. He was very nice and we had a good conversation, I told him how often this happens with this type of service and this is my first time dealing with it. He said it's definately in my favor and that with his notes and if he does not respond back in 6 days I will be returned my cash. So sounds like it's a win but for now it's a wait but I think I am safe now. In the end, lesson learned, and now I Will only be doing business with official gold sellers. I may check out player auctions but I just honestly do not want to ever deal with charge backs ever again. Straight bull shit
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