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    Good news, everyone!
  1. Virtual Economy Inflator.
  2. Ahh sleeping bags...
  3. Im sure any good scriptors would not have that issue spec.
  4. Im not mad? And no they were not for no reason. I was just being stupid. Im just saying if it worked 100% you would have lost all of your accounts instead of just the 1.
  5. Im interested!
  6. Because its a pretty damn big algorithm and it doesn't always do 100% what it should.. What do you mean believe whats going on? The apocalypse?! You know somethin I dont?!?!
  7. Well I think there just capitalizing on the obvious things they used to ignore. I.E: Standing still, saying nothing and clicking nothing but 1 spot due to being stuck. No human would EVER do that lol so, I think scripts need to be flawless and NEVER get stuck or your done for. Besides the obvious one of how long you bot.
  8. What kind of protein are you implying -.-. Also Im gunna make a rune script so I could add that if noone else picks this up. Starting on it tomorrow too.
  9. Thats just a message spammer? Those have been out since runescape started. EDIT: DURP I thot it said "Will it release soon" Ignore my accidental condescension.
  10. Well a workaround would be to implement a method that waits until the NPC isNotMoving. Then click. Then there would be no missclicks. Personally I dont mind them as long as you tweek it to instantly try clicking again without waiting.
  11. Yeah. Bot watch flags you and waits till you log on to apply the ban. So you probably just got a slight delay before you got banned after login. Highly doubt it instantly detected your script or the client. I was scripting and actually "playing" on my guy when I got banned. There good these days
  12. Well if its "not possible." Then most gold farmers will give up. The economy will change, and GP will be worth more IRL. Then the people who arent on here giving out there methods or scripts to the public for goldfarming can continue. So you can bot less and make just as much $$ when that happens. Alot of people are still doing it and fine. So just go find a new (possibly slower) method and keep it to yourself. Let the others die out and sell your less for more!
  13. You cant blame Trilez for this. Its just like in real life, someone finds a smart way to break the law. The authorities find a way to shut that method down. Then someone finds a new way that hasnt been noticed. Repeat. This is inevitable when there are so many botters and when the game relies on the community and levels. Unlike other mmo's that mainly focus on already being the top level and the economy isnt as realistic.
  14. Lol yeah so what, they stepped up there game? Honestly I dont see how botwatch doesnt accidently ban real players. May be a month or two of them getting a few steps ahead. Just gotta update and move on. Be smart, dont test them. Botting 5 hrs a day everyday? Sure its not alot but its an obvious amount of time on a consistent basis. Switch it up, dont do what everyone else is doing and give Jagex a profile for how botters do things. I got a delayed today, but Im fully aware it was my fault. Now that I know how good botwatch is, that wont happen as easily.
  15. Which IDE are you using? It probably has something to do with poor de-allocation. Are you using a node interface or using switch's? EDIT: Oh durp, This was in Bot help. Did you make a script thats messing up? Or your using someone else's? Its more than likely the script your using. Or your computer is overheating.