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  1. The weather's pretty cold today, drove myself to McDonalds and got myself a big mac and ccflurry, usually I would just stay home and eat some nuts or something. My life has gotten better ever since I came to Tribot, thanks @TRiLeZ for making it all possible for me. I hope I can motivate some people out of the there to never stop botting (Big Mac with no onion and double sauce, ~ $6.78) (Mcflurry, oreo with extra love ~ $3.38)
  2. pm'd
  3. Currently not on a specific program. I know humans are made to eat meat with high source of fat I count my macros whilst having a high fat intake. If i want carbs then i eat some as long as i'm within my weekly caloric intake
  4. To put it in simple words, the day you become complacent with your "aesthetics' is the day you lost the battle
  5. It's 100k/Game Not even worried tbh
  6. god bless
  7. currently doing 5 quest for my pure
  8. pm me for prices
  9. doesn't support cage monsters?
  10. i must b blind where's the download link/button
  11. It's not working )= will an update come soon ?