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  1. Tomkoolaid

    Is Jagex logging Specific computers?

    ^^ yeah my nudes got leak and they request i stop botting or they will release all of them
  2. remember to leave out cookies for santa ps. remember to follow the rules if you want to post.
  3. 8 your mom under the mistletoe
  4. please i need a new pair of Tom Ford glasses so i can look like a douche plzzzz
  5. Tomkoolaid

    [Combat] Combat AIO Lite by Assume

    doesn't support cage monsters?
  6. Tomkoolaid

    [Free]zMagicChopper V1.2 by Zainy[Updated]

    i must b blind where's the download link/button
  7. Tomkoolaid


    It's not working )= will an update come soon ?