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  1. can u add a option to only creat acc and not do tut island?
  2. its keep asking to switch to right prayer but its one the right prayer flawless helper do
  3. i Used stun alch from tri aio combat & magix aio amazing got me 94
  4. @Smon dont buy vip now because tribot is down they said they would refund vip but idk if it is for new subscribe dont buy bonds now and also u can make ur own private scripts or let them make for u @Mute is a good scripter for private the vip thing @YoHoJo would clear this out F2p woodcutting is a good moneymaker but u will get banned fast i recommend u to see how u can find ur way out too not get banned. Member spinning flax good money maker or blastfurnace but they get banned very fast but REQ are little also dont bot Tut island
  5. u can easy buy them for 350gp just takes a few hours
  6. Buy all Snakeskin chaps 400ea need more then 3k pm me or comment
  7. How can whe now ur trusted and not going to scam us?
  8. Hey Mute i runned the script some hours the script have much bugs pathwalking and bank problems its hangs at the bank and does nothing and kalphite task need to be rewritten and zombie task monkeys task and when it goes to slayer master its need to be rewritten too if u want me to sent a gif send me a tut how to make one i be happy to send ur some proof Also ur going to update the scripts it seems it didnt update in a month Also i didnt get a ban so far And can u send me a tut how to signatures work dont seem to work so far thnks overall http://download.mutesscripts.com/products/dynamic/slayer/geoffrey456.png
  9. Prob venatis safe spot its great money i have been seen some bots there
  10. Plank looter in graveyard in wildy in f2p or big bones loot in wildy bone yard f2p or White berries looter p2p ,Bounty hunter looter? there is one but is bugged as hell, just saying some ideas
  11. it is working now it as now 1 wc and is fresh acc with proxy and everything handmade so yeah hope its get a good proggy are u going to add a mini paint for exp per hour time running and hm is chopped and maybe add a mule option in the future now its working flawless btw how can i make it bank at lumb castle bank?
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