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  1. still lookings for someone couldnt agree on a price with user above
  2. forgot to add 1 pray.. jk 52 adding u now
  3. looking to pay in osrsgp my stats are 92 range 3 def 87hp 75 att 88 str will use gear requested
  4. bum,p
  5. hmu boysss skype is so.mistyy
  6. sorry not used to this forum setup the forum im usually on would join em together on its own
  7. do i have to put an amount of food?
  8. inside the tunnels or right outside the ladder to go down them ... ill restart it again
  9. now it logged out says your gooing to need more food i have 700+ tuna in bank
  10. re running it now on a new client it teleported to hop worls not sure why tho it was dead
  11. v tabs and sometimes right when it gets inside or outside it of the ladder it drinks all the stamina pots
  12. no im not the bot dosent even eat sometimes i am using looking glass and a proxy
  13. script gets near the skele spot then teles for supplies done that 4 times now
  14. i keep getting an error could not connect to proxy. i bought vermacs proxy im impatient so i bought another one and both wont connect i have a feeling its something on my end any help?