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  1. Sigma Magic Premium Want to purchase Sigma Magic with Old-school gp? You can buy repository credits from @erickho123 with Old-school gp HERE Script Features Normal Spells Alchemy: Alchemize any item of your choice with low or high alchemy Bolt Enchantment: Enchant any bolt of your choice Bones to Fruit: Turn any regular or big bone of your choice into bananas or peaches Cursing: Cast confuse, weaken, curse, vulnerability, enfeeble, stun, bind, snare, or entangle on any npc of your choice Cursing/Alchemy: Use any curse in combination with low or high alchemy for maximum xp per hour Jewelry Enchantment: Enchant rings, bracelets, necklaces or amulets with enchant level 1-6, DOES NOT SUPPORT TOPAZ Superheating: Superheat your ores into any bar of your choice Teleportation: Teleport anywhere repeatedly for great experience Lunar Spells Bake Pie: Bake any pie of your choice with the bake pie spell Humidify: Cast humidify on empty vials, bowls, jugs, buckets, or clay for great profit. You can also use the humidify spell on a single fish bowl for even faster experience Plank Make: Turn normal, oak, teak, or mahogany logs into planks for profit and experience String Jewelry: String all of your gold, sapphire, emerald, ruby, diamond, dragonstone, or even onyx amulets for fast experience Superglass Make: Convert buckets of sand and soda ash, seaweed, or swamp weed into molten glass for amazing profit and experience GUI Preview Progress Reports Payment Options Change Log: https://github.com/Trigoon/Sigma-Magic-Change-Log/blob/master/change_log
  2. Updated Sigma Magic to version 4.33 Changed/Added more Anti-ban sleeps generated with your unique seed to more spells. These mini-sleeps should happen when the script is trying to select a spell and/or cast it.
  3. Sorry to hear about your ban, but there are many factors involved. If you were using multiple scripts, you can't know for sure which got you banned as jagex does delayed bans. So if you bought the script and ran it for 4 hours and got instantly banned after, it was definitely not Sigma Magic. Also, I'd recommend not botting for more than an hour a day on accounts you don't want to lose, getting banned is an expected outcome of botting, knowing the risk is important.
  4. Updated the script to cook karambwans correctly if you've completed the Tai Bwo Wanni Trio quest.
  5. Sigma Cooker Premium Want to purchase Sigma Cooker with Old-school gp? You can buy repository credits from @erickho123 with Old-school gp HERE Script Features Meat Cooking: Cooks all of your favorite meats at 4 different locations (Rogue's Den, Catherby, Nardah and Al Kharid) Wine Making: Makes wine at any bank (over 300k xp/hr) Task Based: Sigma Cooker runs on a robust task based framework Cooking Profiles: Sigma Cooker allows you to save your tasks into profiles so you can easily load your favorite tasks Meats Supported Bear meat, Rat meat, Yak meat, Shrimp, Chicken, Rabbit, Anchovy, Sardine, Karambwan, Herring, Mackerel, Thin snail, Trout, Lean snail, Cod, Pike, Fat Snail, Salmon, Slimy eel, Tuna, Rainbow fish, Cave eel, Lobster, Bass, Swordfish, Monkfish Shark, Anglerfish, Sea turtle, Dark crab, and Manta ray To cook any meat of your choice, start the script at one of the three supported locations (Rogue's Den, Catherby, Nardah, and Al Kharid). The location will be detected automatically by the script. To make wine, start the script at any bank. GUI Preview Leave the count at 0 to make all of the selected item. Progress Reports Payment Options Change Log (most recent version on top)
  6. if you search for alch or curse, it will come up as "Alch/Curse", you can then pick what curse spell you want such as stun or weaken, and low or high alch.
  7. Hmmm. My account doesn't have the requirements, can you screenshot the interface that comes up when you use them with a fire/range?
  8. Search alch in the search bar and curse/alchemy will come up in the list, then follow the options once you select the spell.
  9. It doesn't if you're next to the bank. Have you completed the requirements to cook them? I'm pretty sure you need to do a specific quest or something like that, otherwise the script will not work.
  10. If you're botting for 24 hrs you should expect to get banned. Only do a couple hours at a time if it's an important account.
  11. Starfox

    Auto Agility [Open Source]

    Great script, wish it supported fally though!
  12. I could do it, however my GUI was coded using the netbeans builder, and I currently use IntelliJ, so it's pretty difficult to update my GUI without remaking it entirely. That's one of the main reasons I haven't added new spells since I added lunars. I may take the time to just re-do it with IntelliJ to add all the extra stuff people want, but currently it has a good amount of spell options.
  13. I'm unsure of what you're asking for. You can alch in camelot and teleport there with Sigma Magic already. Do you mean doing both at the same time?
  14. Yes, I still am supporting this script, I just don't have a lot of time to browse the tribot forums. Are you having any issues?
  15. So you want to make a pretty mouse trail for you script? Here is how you do it. Each class below is documented and written so that you have to do the least amount of work possible. Each of these classes are plug-and-play so that if you want to, you can read none of the documentation and simply copy/paste the classes into your project and have it work seamlessly. Example of BasicTrail: Trail is an abstract class that will handle removing and adding points to your trail so that all you have to do is draw between or on the points. You can create your own custom trails this way without having to re-write this code over and over. Trail Class: TrailPoint is a class that wraps data for each point on the trail. TrailPoint Class: Paintable is simply an interface that provides the method that will be used to paint the trail. Paintable Interface: BasicTrail is a class I wrote to demonstrate how to use the Trail class. To use BasicTrail, simply construct a new BasicTrail object in your script and then inside your onPaint() method call #paint(Graphics g) on your BasicTrail object. BasicTrail Class:
  16. It's ABCL2. I'm not really sure where everyone gets the idea that getting banned is not expected in this day and age of botting, if you're botting daily for more than an hour or two, you will get banned with any script.
  17. Hi guys, Updated Sigma Magic to v4.32, this version now supports the 'Tome of fire' item as a source of infinite fire runes.
  18. Sorry, I don't think I updated the karambwans correctly when the runescape update happened for all the "make set" interfaces came out. I'll work on it tomorrow.
  19. Generally it will stop right away if it detects you don't have enough supplies. It will print out in the console why it stopped.
  20. The script will idle for a few seconds before logging out. This is a counter measure to ensure that the script fully understands that it is out of supplies or has hit the stopping condition so that it doesn't quit early. As for tasks, maybe.