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  1. Sigma Magic Premium Script Features Normal Spells Alchemy: Alchemize any item of your choice with low or high alchemy Bolt Enchantment: Enchant any bolt of your choice Bones to Fruit: Turn any regular or big bone of your choice into bananas or peaches Cursing: Cast confuse, weaken, curse, vulnerability, enfeeble, stun, bind, snare, or entangle on any npc of your choice Cursing/Alchemy: Use any curse in combination with low or high alchemy for maximum xp per hour TO STUN+ALCH OR CURSE+ALCH, SEARCH "Curse" OR "Alch" IN THE SPELL SEARCH BOX AND SELECT "Curse/Alchemy" Jewelry Enchantment: Enchant rings, bracelets, necklaces or amulets with enchant level 1-6, DOES NOT SUPPORT TOPAZ Superheating: Superheat your ores into any bar of your choice Teleportation: Teleport anywhere repeatedly for great experience Lunar Spells Bake Pie: Bake any pie of your choice with the bake pie spell Humidify: Cast humidify on empty vials, bowls, jugs, buckets, or clay for great profit. You can also use the humidify spell on a single fish bowl for even faster experience Plank Make: Turn normal, oak, teak, or mahogany logs into planks for profit and experience String Jewelry: String all of your gold, unstrung symbols, sapphire, emerald, ruby, diamond, dragonstone, or even onyx amulets for fast experience Superglass Make: Convert buckets of sand and soda ash, seaweed, or swamp weed into molten glass for amazing profit and experience Tan Leather: Tan green, blue, red, or black dragonhide for huge profit and 100k+ xp/hr Spin Flax: Spin flax into bowstrings for magic and crafting experience Recharge Dragonstone: Charge dragonstone jewelry for profit GUI Preview Progress Reports Payment Options $7.99 for 1 month of access, run up to 5 accounts at the same time $14.99 for 3 months of access, run up to 5 accounts at the same time
  2. I'm pretty sure that no script on tribot does what you're asking. The issue with randomizing it like that is that it forms just as much of a pattern as anything else. Let's say every few minutes you make the mouse speed +/-10. Over time, this will even out and each mouse speed (-10, -9, -8 etc) will each have nearly identical timings. The human mouse in tribot uses real mouse data from humans regardless, so I don't think this is an issue.
  3. You can download the free trial and use the script for an hour before buying.
  4. Sigma Cooker Premium Want to purchase Sigma Cooker with Old-school gp? You can buy repository credits from @erickho123 with Old-school gp HERE Script Features Meat Cooking: Cooks all of your favorite meats at 6 different locations (Hosidius kitchen, Rogue's Den, Catherby, Nardah, Myth's Guild and Al Kharid) Wine Making: Makes wine at any bank (over 300k xp/hr) Task Based: Sigma Cooker runs on a robust task based framework Cooking Profiles: Sigma Cooker allows you to save your tasks into profiles so you can easily load your favorite tasks Meats Supported Bear meat, Rat meat, Yak meat, Shrimp, Chicken, Rabbit, Anchovy, Sardine, Karambwan, Herring, Mackerel, Thin snail, Trout, Lean snail, Cod, Pike, Fat Snail, Salmon, Slimy eel, Tuna, Rainbow fish, Cave eel, Lobster, Bass, Swordfish, Monkfish Shark, Anglerfish, Sea turtle, Dark crab, and Manta ray To cook any meat of your choice, start the script at one of the 6 supported locations (Hosidius kitchen, Rogue's Den, Catherby, Nardah, Myth's Guild and Al Kharid). The location will be detected automatically by the script. To make wine, start the script at any bank. GUI Preview Leave the count at 0 to make all of the selected item. Progress Reports Payment Options $1.99 - 5 accounts for one month of script usage $4.99 5 accounts for 3 months of script usage
  5. Sigma Magic has been updated to version 4.4. This update includes a fix for grabbing prices of items. The script now uses my own lookup api and uses the official osrs ge api instead of osbuddy since the osbuddy api has not been functional for weeks. This update also includes the addition of the Recharge Dragonstone spell.
  6. Hello. I recently finished a BETA version of my Skeletal Wyvern killer script. I am running an open beta for this script. If you would like to use the BETA version of this script, please go to the TRiBot repository and add the script to your account there. You can run the script for an unlimited amount of time while use the free BETA version, however I will ask you to report bugs to me if you find any. Description: Sigma Wyvern Killer BETA kills the monster Skeletal Wyverns inside the asgarnian ice dungeon in OSRS. It is a top level money making method yielding 500k+ per hour (even more at higher combat levels). At maxed combat with good gear, you may yield a consistent 800k-1m/hourly. While running this script, over time your profit will go up due to your bots gaining rare drops like draconic visage, dragon legs, dragon skirt, dragon med helm, 3x ranarr seeds and rare drop table items. Requirements: 72 Slayer Elemental shield, Mind shield, or Dragonfire shield 70/70/70 melee stats are highly recommended Falador teleport tablets House teleport tablets Player owned house must be in rimmington Progress reports: first visage from sigma wyverns Responses: For whatever reason, I cannot comment on my own thread in this section so I will use this area to respond to comments. @gabrielspecter I've ran the script on my own testing account for about 3 weeks now, no more than 5-10 hours daily, sometimes not running it on certain days. I have yet to be banned. @slavebotter It does not support range safespotting. I have intentionally not added this functionality because the right side of the wyvern cave has 4 ranged players in every world killing wyverns, so it would be unlikely that you would find a world with a free one. As another person pointed out, melee is over 2x faster gp per hour and the left area is less crowded. @slavebotter It will be running until I get enough feedback from my testers and the script is running without any major bugs. @Creatur3z nice proggy, thanks for the feedback. im unsure of price right now @jamie ge yes it still works great. @billybob1 im running it right now seems to be working fine. try restarting your client. @MagicLand i ran it a few days ago for 3 hours, it was fine
  7. Starfox

    Sigma Skeletal Wyvern Killer BETA (500k-1M/hr)

    This script is defunct now and is no longer supported.
  8. Never had issues with this location before. The first issue is tribot related, I'm just using the regular bank api. I changed it to always use the npc. Second issue shouldn't be happening as it grabs the fire based on the tile which will always be the permanent fire. Try running it again.
  9. I would definitely not recommend running PathFinding#canReach on every rock. Instead just create an RSArea for the area you want to mine in, and then check if the rocks are in that area
  10. Sigma Cooker has been updated to version 2.0. This update includes the addition of the Hosidius Kitchen location. It also contains an update to comply with the new range 1-click method at supported locations instead of using the raw meat with the range/oven.
  11. The downloading script bug has been around for years on TRiBot. I'm not entirely sure what causes it, and it happens on any and every script. I'm glad you got it working though.
  12. Starfox

    vorkath script

    I think you underestimate the amount of people that would be willing to lend their main, but I'd agree that scripters can get the accounts if they really need it sometimes. I couldn't get anyone to lend me one with the requirements for lunar spells and tan leather for months so I had to get the reqs myself.
  13. There's no setting to make the script go that fast unless you want to raise the mouse speed. I'd not recommend it though.
  14. Definitely does not go by the animation, not with the code I wrote. Try again, might not have updated on the repository.
  15. Should be better now. I've deleted the longer micro sleeps between actions and added code that will make the script wait to cast another plank make spell until the current log has been made into a plank.
  16. I'd suggest not doing that on an account you don't want banned no matter what script you're using.
  17. Sigma Cooker is now working again after the Runescape Bank update and TRiBot update yesterday.
  18. I don't know what was going on, but it also threw that same error locally, so I'm not sure it's just the repository. It works locally now though after my change.