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  1. I updated humidify, it should wait longer now. I'm not sure about bank fillers, I'll look into it.
  2. I'm pretty sure that no script on tribot does what you're asking. The issue with randomizing it like that is that it forms just as much of a pattern as anything else. Let's say every few minutes you make the mouse speed +/-10. Over time, this will even out and each mouse speed (-10, -9, -8 etc) will each have nearly identical timings. The human mouse in tribot uses real mouse data from humans regardless, so I don't think this is an issue.
  3. You can download the free trial and use the script for an hour before buying.
  4. Sigma Magic has been updated to version 4.4. This update includes a fix for grabbing prices of items. The script now uses my own lookup api and uses the official osrs ge api instead of osbuddy since the osbuddy api has not been functional for weeks. This update also includes the addition of the Recharge Dragonstone spell.
  5. Starfox

    Sigma Skeletal Wyvern Killer BETA (500k-1M/hr)

    This script is defunct now and is no longer supported.
  6. Never had issues with this location before. The first issue is tribot related, I'm just using the regular bank api. I changed it to always use the npc. Second issue shouldn't be happening as it grabs the fire based on the tile which will always be the permanent fire. Try running it again.
  7. I would definitely not recommend running PathFinding#canReach on every rock. Instead just create an RSArea for the area you want to mine in, and then check if the rocks are in that area
  8. Sigma Cooker has been updated to version 2.0. This update includes the addition of the Hosidius Kitchen location. It also contains an update to comply with the new range 1-click method at supported locations instead of using the raw meat with the range/oven.
  9. The downloading script bug has been around for years on TRiBot. I'm not entirely sure what causes it, and it happens on any and every script. I'm glad you got it working though.