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  1. Hi guys, Updated Sigma Magic to v4.32, this version now supports the 'Tome of fire' item as a source of infinite fire runes.
  2. Sigma Magic,

    All lunar spells do not work????

  3. Sorry, I don't think I updated the karambwans correctly when the runescape update happened for all the "make set" interfaces came out. I'll work on it tomorrow.
  4. Generally it will stop right away if it detects you don't have enough supplies. It will print out in the console why it stopped.
  5. The script will idle for a few seconds before logging out. This is a counter measure to ensure that the script fully understands that it is out of supplies or has hit the stopping condition so that it doesn't quit early. As for tasks, maybe.
  6. Firstly, I'm not inactive, I just updated the script and ran bolt enchantment and it worked fine. Secondly, there is a process for reporting premium scripts, you have to wait 5 days before creating a script dispute if I don't respond.
  7. Hello, i've updated Sigma Magic to version 4.3. This version fixes the Bolt Enchantment feature, happy enchanting!
  8. how do i use the sigma wyvern bot it just stands in the bank.

    1. davesingh1995


      yo, I paid for sigma magic last february, never got to use it because tribot was down. bought for 30 days, didnt use once, can you grant me 30 days please. I have all the proof.

      Screen Shot 01-15-18 at 03.16 PM.PNG

  9. I apologize for the late fix, I didn't know that runescape changed their interface display for fletching, cooking etc. the script now works with meats and wine again! updated to 1.16
  10. PMed you a problem i am having with sigma magic. Its status says it is doing things but it just sits there

    1. Starfox


      it should work if you restart the client