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  1. What does mouse speed mean in anti ban? and what is the best setting to use to have less chance of ban.
  2. Trying to fish shrimp and bait at Catherby/Draynor and the bot is messing up, keeps switching between antiban and fishing and just spam clicks around the area...
  3. How do I fish monkfish? It only says sharks or hand fishing, when i start the script at monks it logs me out
  4. Once i'm in the random the bot wont move and log out eventually thats all i know
  5. All the others seem to have been fixed just scaperune still fails everytime
  6. randoms are messed up still
  7. How do you even get 8.09? When i load tribot it says 8.08
  8. The randoms i listed works for you? what version are you running?
  9. Last couple days a lot of randoms have been failing like maze , tagging pillars , morduat, Molly etc . Is anyone looking into this ?
  10. Failed a few randoms which didn't happen before like the maze and tagging pillars , are they working on a fix for these ??
  11. Also the tagging pillars random failed for me