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  1. I cant get the bot to even start fishing, am I doing something wrong? When I choose the location (e.g. Fishing guild) , it just says select equipment and I cant choose anything. And then it says select fish and I cant make a choice. Then when I start the bot it just says 'null' on the fishing part.
  2. What does mouse speed mean in anti ban? and what is the best setting to use to have less chance of ban.
  3. Trying to fish shrimp and bait at Catherby/Draynor and the bot is messing up, keeps switching between antiban and fishing and just spam clicks around the area...
  4. How do I fish monkfish? It only says sharks or hand fishing, when i start the script at monks it logs me out
  5. How do you even get 8.09? When i load tribot it says 8.08
  6. Also the tagging pillars random failed for me
  7. Free or Premium: Premium When did it start:When a Whirlpool occurs at Monkfish pictorious . How often does it occur:Every time a whirlpool occurs. When does it occur: ^^ What is the status of the paint: .. Console text (if available):No console text it just fishes where whirl pools are. Description of the Bug: the bot will fish on a whirlpool and i lose my net
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