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  1. You need Java to run the Tribot executable file. https://www.java.com/en/download/
  2. Added a maxhops argument. (eg. "maxhops:100") The world hop limit is 600 hops per 1.5h so this will help you from hitting it. Added additional failsafes. Added additional antibans. Updated the paint to only show rare-tier implings in info. (so all low-tier ones are counted together) Some more experimental features in the works, but I'll wait until those have been tested stable. ----------------------- Some progress pictures to encourage you to test the script: (actual dragon count is like 80-90+) Also if you haven't already, check out the latest Swampletics video here: (I might also be in it for a teeny tiny bit )
  3. Welcome Riley! Honestly feel like Tribot has been lacking in this area, and it's a great opportunity for you to help us with that. I'll be supporting ya. glgl!
  4. Yup - correct. ("I can't reach that!" message in chat)
  5. Did a quick run of testing (wanted to see if mouse movements are human-like). Found a couple issues: If encounters random event during course, has a chance to get stuck trying to dismiss it. (personally happened in Draynor, could happen elsewhere too) If inventory is full & mark of grace appears, it will get stuck trying to pick it up. Congratz on the release!
  6. There are some patterns that are shared by 99% of agility scripts that are unlike how actual human players perform. Agility bots both perform a very predictable pattern (which legitimate human players actually don't, unless they play tick perfect), as well as have several mouse movement red flags. If you watch any human doing agil on youtube (eg. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E1nhZSXYD34) you can really see that there's a massive difference between human play and most bots. If you do need to bot agility, make sure to use the best scripts you can find, AND limit the amount of botting time to as little as possible. It's definitely a ban magnet, even if some people have slipped through.
  7. Bug1: Witch's house: Script paths 1 tile too far forward (seen on image) and gets spotted by Witch every time, while script thinks it's safespotted. Got caught by Witch 10+ times in a row on same spot until I manually fixed it. Bug2: Demon's Slayer (& probably other quests too): If inventory is full for whatever reason, script is unable to pick up essential quest item(s). Happened with the following: 1. Bucket 2. Rusty key Script will keep spamclicking on the item infinitely. It'd be ideal to add a failsafe to such events in other parts of script too - seems like a potential point of failure. (3rd pic shows inventory after I manually picked up the rusty key. Quest order was .... waterfall -> varrockmuseum -> demonslayer...) Other than these small hiccups and a few deaths (which is expected without hp), really impressive performance throughout different quests.
  8. Lorem's Impling Scouter scouts rare Dragon and Lucky implings "This changes everything." - an ancient Chinese proverb. Repository link (download): https://tribot.org/repository/script/id/3285 Lorem's Imp Scouter is intended to be a semi-manually used scouting tool, primarily as a moneymaker by selling impling scouts to other players. Most notably, two Youtubers Verf (UIM Verf) and Settled (Swampletics) are offering 5m per lucky imp found and scouted, as well as additional jackpot prizes if they reach their desired item. Eg. if you scout a lucky impling for Settled and he finds a rune crossbow, you'll be awarded with a 1000m GP jackpot prize. This script can also be used by ironman players, who are interested in finding Dragon implings, and would like to scout for them on their alt account(s). Requirements: None if you intend to scout Karamja area for Verf, or elsewhere on map Priest in Peril if you intend to scout Morytania area for Settled Profit per hour: Depends heavily on the success of selling calls, if you have a buyer for dragon imp calls, you can find a dragon imp in an hour. Potential for 1m-2m+ per hour, per account. Arguments & Discord integration: Disclaimer: Script is in early beta and will require testing and doesn't have a lot of antiban yet. (read: use alt accounts for extended use of script) If you're interested in using/testing this script, please shoot me a msg on the Tribot Discord and I'll help you set up script and assist with any potential issues. Repository link (download): https://tribot.org/repository/script/id/3285 Thanks, and best of luck on the impling jackpot hunt!
  9. Yes - same for other RC premium scripts. Pretty sure the normal price will return to $8/month or similar once it's deemed usable.
  10. After doing a pouch-fix run (broken large pouch, holds 7 essence), when trying to empty pouches it still thinks that I had 9 essence, and keeps spamclicking to empty since it thinks I have 2 more essence inside it. (rc trial. abyss @ cosmic rune altar)
  11. Holy shit the mousekey dropping option is really awesome, already within my first couple minutes of running the script (trial) I'm thoroughly impressed.
  12. Running on free trial, commenting on small issue when questing: Witch's House (https://youtu.be/TLsg7Wa-LUA?t=78) If the bot misclicks trying get the key from potted plant or doesn't get the key for some reason, the bot will spamclick the door after without having the key. Consider adding a failsafe checking if the key is in inventory (I think it was 2409 item id), before proceeding to next step. Thanks!
  13. Flawless, did all 4 - thank you very much for the script.
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