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  1. i would have to say Auto Runecrafter Elite is one of the best runecrafters on the market with a dedicated scripter behind it.
  2. running through the week will get you banned why do you think there is like 20 legit people at bf during the week but 150+ bots on weekend.
  3. did u look??? 5 7 5 ==17
  4. butter me up i'm toasted
  5. only got 2 so far..
  6. You can retrieve some fields of the clan chat without using interfaces ie hooking the correct hook i believe for cc name it is ay.d well it was 1-2 revisions ago
  7. Could you please adjust your rectangle bounds for the profit it looks like shit when the text goes outside the bounds!! Do you even know how to java?? public int getWidth(Graphics g,Font font,String text) { FontMetrics metrics = g.getFontMetrics(font); if (metrics != null) return metrics.stringWidth(text); return 0; }
  8. made about $250 within 2 weeks of using my private one with only 2-3 accounts it's a really good spot to gain gold
  9. ohh ye we also need most of the API fixed also. ie banking/backpack.