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  1. How can you keep up with all that? lmao... All I have is Pre-Workout and Protein - but I also drink GFUEL a few times a week usually when I feel tired after work and it makes me sleep like a baby for some reason when the effects wear off.
  2. I feel like if you're not using a combat script then you don't need to stress.
  3. After this update every script I run gives these errors legit every second: Edit: They're not combat related scripts...
  4. Spent hundreds of dollars on rsbots.net scripts, was so devo when they got shut down.
  5. I've been using this script for about a week and I'm really liking it, I just have two suggestions: #1. Could you please implement something to avoid other players, there's enough room on the top floor for about 4 people to mine happily but this script will randomly change locations and keep mining/stealing the spot of other people, I always have my bot on my second monitor so when they call me a bot I can say something like "sorry wasn't paying attention" then I'll have to restart the script until it moves to another spot, but I have to do it quite a lot. #2. This script also banks after every pay-dirt inventory, when the hopper can hold almost three inventories worth I believe, this would improve the xp/h and gp/h quite a lot I feel since the hopper is right next to the ladder pretty much. Thanks!
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