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  1. 5 hours for 1250 chins. Can u speed it up ? It should get way much more. I am 99 hunter too.
  2. Another issue...it sets one trap and then sometimes it tries to set another on the same spot but the trap is droped and then it tryes to lay the trap and it stuck there just trying to "Lay" the trap
  3. I use to get 1-99 with this bot and now i want to use it again on 99 hunter to get money. But it seems somehow broken. It's way much slower then it use to be. When it pick the trap it's like it need to think what to do next instead of doing it right away. Also sometimes it misses the spot where is should stand first to set the trap and then it set the trap at the wrong spot, then it picks it up ( rightaway) and dont set 5th trap, just continue with 4 traps and when its done with thouse it repeat same thing with 5th trap ( misses it then pick it up).
  4. It does not work... It just says it's unable to load script.... :'( help
  5. JUST GREAT! JUST FKN GREAT!!!!! i got banned for using this script i hope u burn.
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