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  1. Once again super fast and very smooth love everything about this service!
  2. Super quick service, easy to talk to will definately purchase credits again if need be!
  3. Not trusted but i've got zulrah helper 20 Credits, and i've been a lurker for a long ass time. We could get a MM if it'd help
  4. Another proggy at 300+ chins per hour. This script has gotten me 93 hunter so far with no sign of stopping! http://gyazo.com/8f149643d1e1b78576e58a0a9c3045c1
  5. When fighting with range, and picking up arrows it picks up every arrow fired making it run slow. If you could make it only loot arrows after combat it would greatly increase the potential of this script
  6. Well i tried alot of chin scripts before, and none have run as smoothly or for as long as this one has, the longest i had it running was 13hours but a powercut prevented a screen cap so here's one of it now. http://gyazo.com/b6fef556f418a6ed7f11027427c69366