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  1. Couldn't post in the Help section. My buddy can't access tribot on google chrome on his computer. Anyone know the reason why?
  2. I babysit this script because: 1. Doesn't bank properly, it'll deposit everything but won't withdraw the sharks. 2. Sometimes 'freezes' and puts mouse over the druids but will not attack them [this also happened when the oak tree was in the way]. 3. Sometimes runs around the house. Overall, this is a great script. I've gained 2m str xp from this and like 4m from herbs. Much appreciated.
  3. it sometimes gets stuck in the corner in ardy by the bigredjapan guy
  4. hey just curious if something could be implemented to eat food while banking so when it continues it'll be full hp or near 90% health.
  5. Blue dragons and also I've noticed it doesn't always walk out of nieve's lair to restock, after 50 bloodvelds it starts teleing cammy when it needs to bank for the rest of the task for some reason.
  6. Playtopk


    completely trustworthy, 3 buys and 5 bonds bought, no problem
  7. Monitor it for a day to make sure your individual account can handle all tasks and there all set up , as in having everything and it should run flawless..I run in on my pure and leave it for 5+ hours alot
  8. Script MALFUNCTION - REPORT TO MUTE: (3204, 3207, 2), ACTION: Climb-up, MY_POS: (3205, 3209, 2) happened climbing the last step in lummy castle, dont know if its a persistant problem
  9. feathers are 2gpea, you really that mad about 110k? lol thats equal to 30 cents irl, petty cash man.
  10. is there anywhere you can have it customized to if stronghold of security isnt done to go to other area's for that monster around rs?
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