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  1. idontbotkid

    [P] [R] Possibly easy combat script

    Description: A combat script that relies on POH combat ring, basically like the duel arena combat script using a master and slavePayment Amount: Can be discussedTime: No rush, but don't want to wait years.Additional: This script existed one before and was free, but I'm willing to pay to have it recreated
  2. idontbotkid

    |w| Zulrah Helper [1-3m/hr] - Plugin Tool [RESIZE]

    Not one mouse click? Absolutely 0?
  3. idontbotkid

    |w| Zulrah Helper [1-3m/hr] - Plugin Tool [RESIZE]

    Really want to buy this..but the people claiming to be banned are turning me off, only downfall to the complaints are, I don't know if these people are actually not botting and only using this script, or are claiming they don't bot, cause they only botted an hour of something else before and then used this script. I don't bot, nor do I want to, cause I don't want to lose my main, just need some zulrah guidance until I learn, can someone reply with feedback legit, if they have never botted on the account, are using this script, have or have not received a ban, if they have or have not been banned, how long were they doing zulrah for, and how long was the ban. Be really irritated if I became a VIP just for this script and get slapped in the mouth.
  4. idontbotkid

    [P][R]POH: Combat Ring Script

    Send me an inbox message of your skype name, I don't know howo use that skype link above.
  5. idontbotkid

    [P][Combat] Looking for a Combat Ring bot!

    Bumping this, duel arena scripts aren't as good as a cb ring script. I'm willing to pay as well.
  6. idontbotkid

    [P][R]POH: Combat Ring Script

    You still interested? I still need this.
  7. idontbotkid

    Combat Ring Script

    Could someone possibly make a combat ring script? Or edit my old copy that works with all the updates? I'll be paying for this.
  8. idontbotkid

    [P][R]POH: Combat Ring Script

    Still looking for this, can someone message me?
  9. idontbotkid

    [P][R]POH: Combat Ring Script

    Looking for someone to script me a working Combat ring script, that supports prayers, and slave/dummy mode that loots arrows. Really basic script, just jump in ring and attack once it dies. Activate quick pray, ignore randoms, or dismiss them.
  10. Does this script still work? If not an update would be hugely appreciated.
  11. Is this script running well for astrals currently?
  12. Will test this out, thanks in advance. Can someone explain how to extract the class files from the tribot file. Huge appreciation from me and other members.
  13. I'll sell you gold at $3/m then, 4m = $12 from me, meaning thats an easy $8 flip for you
  14. Script finally works now, so very grateful, however, it uses max cpu which causes massive lag once i run the script.