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  1. Script broken atm - says: "No runes left to cast.." no matter what room I select. I'll have tons of the required runes in my inventory.
  2. Think I fixed it thanks.
  3. I'm on a Mac so it's actually located under Library > Application Support > Tribot if I'm not mistaken which is why I'm confused because I'm not using the loader (as far as I know) like Starfox said but the TriBot.jar file from the dependancies folder located in the directory I previously mentioned. Any suggestions? I noticed before that the jar file was upwards of like 50mbs or some shit and now it's like 2.5.. I've deleted the folder and re-downloaded Tribot to then re-setup Eclipse with the new jar file and still nothing.
  4. Hey, so I had previously had tribot and eclipse set up as to where I was able to script and everything was fine but recently I re-added the tribot.jar file to my project's libraries because I deleted the one previously being used by mistake and now I get these error messages like "Create class 'Script' in package 'org.tribot.script'" Any help?
  5. How effective would bursting/chinchomping on the stacked up Goblins be? How about a script that paints a bunch of them then proceeds to kill em?
  6. The enchantment room seems to have broke after the recent update.. I believe it has something to do with detecting if the inventory is full or not. The bot will pick up "bonus items" and enchant them, however, some might be left un-enchanted once it returns to the "common items" after the bonus item has changed. The bot will then continue it's process and once the inventory is filled with orbs and that one left over "bonus item" it won't enchant the remaining "bonus item" from before but instead it continues trying to pick up another "common item" though the inventory is already full.
  7. While doing fly fishing in the Barbarian Village the bot some times gets stuck going to bank because it crosses over the bridge onto Varrock side and heads north from there, if you get what I mean?
  8. Is there a way to check when you purchased VIP membership? I feel like I had just purchased VIP less than 2 - 3 weeks ago and now it's saying my membs expired.
  9. Every time I start the script and select the room, it just freezes on the GUI
  10. Hey Mute, I've found it running with only DDS.. I'm guessing it'll leave DDS equipped after specs then bank and deposit main weapon.
  11. Hey, Donnt have skype, sorry. Currently running on tasks in Slayer Dungeon in Tree Vill Stronghold.. It runs to entrace of cave before running back to the stairs up to the bank, not really a bug, but kind of unnecessary. Also when banking from the cave why does it tele to vrock to then use spirit tree to tele to tree gnome village before teleing back to stronghold to run back to the bank and not just exit through cave?.. Also when teleing to Vrock and then walking to agility shortcut it almost always runs into bank and then back out because it clicks inside bank before clicking by the actual spot. Edit: Also, not sure how it happened, but came back to bot trying to tele repeatedly, even in combat, but somehow all my stats were reduced to near 0.. Nearly died because my magic wasnt high enough to tele and bot had used all the food up. Another reason why maybe walking out of the cave rather than teleing would be a better idea? Also with switch to spec weapon (dds++) itll switch, spec once, switch back to main weapon, then switch back, spec again, etc etc.. Makes sense if all you have is one spec left but otherwise its just annoying and bot like. For some reason I have also found the bot with two dds in inventory. NOTE TO ANYONE ELSE READING THIS: This script is still amazing and in one day has gotten me an insane amount of Slayer lvls!! All of these things are just me trying to help scripter improve his script by making recommendations and reporting bugs, not only for himself and I, but for you guys. Definitely recommend this script! Well worth the money.
  12. Hey, while doing Lesser Demon task - Chaos Dwarf will attack me & bot will continue trying to click on demon anyways. Keeps trying to go into Blue Dragon pen without key to gate, not sure why as my task is Lesser Demons.
  13. When going to Canafis it tries to enter through workmen's gate repeatedly instead of going around. Edit: Bot just had to go to canafis and did it correctly this time, first time was to ghouls that caused the error, second time was to banshees and performed correctly.. Not sure if that makes a difference. Script stopped because I didnt have ear muffs even though it had withdrawn cash pile, I thought there was automated buying? But even still I purchased one of everything from the slayer shop after that first time, re ran script, and bot still takes out cash. Switching for spec weapon is really bot like and glitchy.. Goes back and forth switching weapons for no apparent reason before finally clicking spec and then attacking. Anothing thing, I 1 hit a banshee with dds spec, it switched back to scim, then switched back to dds to attack next banshee.
  14. When picking up dragstones its really like hesitant (only way i can explain it) and will drag mouse to dragstone again and again while running towards it then once you stopped moving it will finally move to dragstone to pick up.. I think that's pretty bot-like, any fix for this?