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  1. lies my account just misclicked on whip 4 times luckily i still won 1/2 stakes the switch to whip was so delayed that the bot lagged... and gave up pid everytime
  2. issues with bot 1.sometimes it wont dds the person and will just poke the entire fight+give up pid 2.the calculator is wrong ive probly gained 30m-40m on my sig but in reality ive losed 40m over past 3 days
  3. dont whip stake using this calc ive used it 4 times for whip staking im down 150m tbh just use it for ddsing and maybe boxing idk
  4. cant wait till its updated defintly gonna buy so i can make 2-3 accounts have insane hp
  5. same im down 5m sense its changed ... its not tht im down 5m its the fact im not up 15m
  6. a few additions you can add 1.it will only move within 1 spot within the area you started aka it wont run like 3-4 steps away from starting position 2.it will session people aka rechallenge them without them challenging u {this used to happen but my bot doesnt do it anymore}
  7. working flawlessly im even risking 2k nats and i trust the script for me not to [email protected]@
  8. im risking 250k and making 90k a hour i transfer nats every 2k i reload accts with 10k ess and 50k coins
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