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  1. Jagex

    Every year the week before christmas I bot for atleast a week straight 24/7 and dont get banned so im assuming they dont work around this time but thats just what ive gotten over the years.
  2. Jagex

    Yall think jagex is back to work or can i keep on suiciding?
  3. In the homepage it sais you can cut fish with a knife when your doing barb fishing at baxtorian but when I use the script I never get the option to use a knife on the fish???
  4. Mcgregor vs Mayweather

    Ya and hes showing the fight you racist cunt https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCeFEfJqlWJ7O9B4Qp6KlVZA/videos
  5. Mcgregor vs Mayweather

  6. Mcgregor vs Mayweather

    500m 50-0
  7. Sometimes when it gets into combat blackjacking itll wait till its like 2 hp before it trys to run and gets killed cause of it, not all the time but sometimes it waits wayyy too long
  8. Not sure if they updated the game or something but it stopped and the blackjacking seems to be working fine now, the timing needs to be worked on I guess but thats gonna take some time since theres a lot of things you gotta take into consideration but it works
  9. Does the same thing even when I use the luring option or world hopper, start the script then it logs off and closes the script.
  10. Blackjacking is just broken once again, as soon as you start the script it just logs off and ends itself...
  11. 2-day ban. what now?

    Dont bot on that account anymore if you care about it cause its pretty much a guaranteed ban