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  1. Lol whats the point of this thread, for one everyone already knew he RWT'd and 2 you posted this on a botting site.... Wow. I honestly couldnt give 2 fucks as I would RWT if I had a 100m in a heart beat.
  2. " You dont quit runescape, runescape quits you "
  3. " I no longer bot " You'll be back
  4. Anyone got profile they can post for edgeville druids or taverly druids? Im too lazy to set this all up ahaha
  5. I have seen some people on OSBuddy that have reported and posted pictures of them getting unbanned but that's because they actually DIDNT BOT and were falsely banned.
  6. Whats runescape?
  7. modoulj
  8. I dont think proxies are worth it really, I have better success without them but thats just from my experience
  9. lol
  10. Just dont click "buy" lol but I support if its an issue for you
  11. True Yep thats what im thinking about just doing
  12. Then I find out you can only purchase a minimum of 5 credits...
  13. Any way to upgrade from VIP to VIPE without paying the full amount or do I gotta pay the $8?