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  1. rip if u get caught tho
  2. haha same
  3. exactly 48 hours.
  4. i'd use aio chopper
  5. always hppends when youget hacked but i think it's your proxy.
  6. you're flagged or either really badluck, try to use vip scripts tho
  7. why appeal a ban when its a 2 day ban?
  8. always fill in the format. hp[efully it get fixed.
  9. ofcourse
  10. good job man. what's your next goal?
  11. very nice stoof? XD
  12. pretty sure everyone is gonna get 99 mining ^^
  13. nothing much tbh, new bots better detections tho.
  14. dont bot it 24.7 tho take breaks or do another skill
  15. it's a really old method that everyone uses already.