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  1. Bot is currently just continuously trying to charge my trident when I have the maximum 2500 charges already.
  2. Is there an alternative way to force a shutdown of a script remotely?
  3. 6 hour Proggy for my Zerker. Pretty dry 6 hours.
  4. it ended at around 4 hours 45 minutes because i ran out of ppots. I started it up again and got 1 onyx 1 serp helm and 1 tanzanite fang in 2 hours!
  5. Here is the 3 hour mark, I tried a new method where the max kill attempts the bot will attempt is three. This caused 1 death. Generally the max I will allow is 2. No lucky drops at this stage, I will be running it for another few hours to see if we can get lucky. Regards,
  6. Bot running. I will post proggy in a few hours along with my GUI settings. Regards,
  7. Hey mate, I believe we need a Tribot patch after the recent OSRS Update. After that I will get a 3-4 hour proggy done for you today. Ill also post my GUI settings if you like. Regards,
  8. Im making different cash, It really varies when u get the rare drops. I've received over 50m with this script easy. Also received the Zulrah pet. Generally around 1.5-2m an hour I'd say. I use full infinity besides gloves(B gloves), Occult neck, Mage book, Then just chaps ava's & blowpipe for range.
  9. The bot is great, I'm 45 def with 99 Mage & 99 Range. Using full infinity robes gets me 15 kills an hour with no deaths. I've also used this on my maxed 1 def pure which can pull roughly the same amount of kill but I die a couple times every few hours. Dont hesitate to buy this for use on a 45 def account.
  10. A very cheeky 1 hour sesh. Tanzanite Fang and 2 kills later Onyx!
  11. Script not working atm? I cant update my gear or start the script at all.
  12. After I make my first kill the bot literally does nothing. Mouse doesn't even move. Just stands in the arena saying 'Restarting' I've gone over all the read me instruction and reset all my options multiple times with no luck. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.
  13. Cannon isnt working for me. When it clicks the cannon to set it up, everything is fines, but after it is finished setting the cannon up the script does nothing, I cant even stop the script. it seems frozen or something. Any advice? Thanks.