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  1. Is anyone else experiencing that the script all of suddenly doesnt Shift drop at Master Farmers? It worked fine yesterday night, but now it attempts to drop them, but it doesnt click down Shift. I have restarted the client, script and PC multiple times.
  2. For those of you that has had great success with this script, without being banned of course. Do you got any suggestions as to settings?
  3. @Druid Would it be possible for you to add in a 5 min (no xp timer), so it logs out, instead of hanging around the bank?
  4. Ive noticed that once you get onto w 386, it logs out, is there a reason for this? @Druid
  5. Are you getting that xp/hr with/without Diaries, Dodgy necklace? Im at 75k/hr without any, at 75+
  6. With experience I meant, have you botted more than 1 account at this spot? But nice to hear! Also what mouse speed setting are you using ?
  7. Indeed, it looked very botlike whenever it wandered off. How much experience do you have with this spot, do you know if its high risk spot?
  8. Okay do you ever have problems with people yelling ''Off'' to get a splasher on it again in those tiles?
  9. Thank you Do you know if the script has a timer on ''not gained xp in X minutes'' and it stops it self?
  10. @Druid Hello Druid, would you mind to add in an option to only thieve the Ardy Knight, if he is on those two tiles (East & West), so the script doesnt chase down the Ardy Knight, whenever it screws up. (2664, 3287, 0) & (2665, 3287, 0) Maybe even an extra option for 100% safe, that it wont thieve from the Knight unless it is at (2665, 3287, 0) Perhaps whenever it happens the script would walk to a different tile than those two. Thanks you in advance!
  11. I am currently doing that, I were just wondering if it would be worth doing the castle method, so you dont have to babysit it, as I notice the spot frequently gets ruined (I have no idea how that happens, but alot of people complains about autoclickers causing it)
  12. Is there a significant difference between Ardy Knights lured and you just doing 1v1 on it (aka them running randomly around) Also what is peoples experience with the ban rate, with them being at the Castle?
  13. Any suggestions for Ardy knight settings, do you guys follow the clans that setup or do you just do it like it were any other NPC?
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