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  1. I'd like to know this as well, as I am strongly considering to buy this script for 75 construction.
  2. Tried that but still extremely busy. Took over 20 minutes to get one at 9-10 PM GMT+1, I eventually just left it and it managed to get one at last.
  3. PS Someone make some demon hosters.. They're seriously busy, 15+ minutes and still waiting to get to trade them.
  4. Seems like some of the sellers are having problems, I do not have any logs of it, however everytime you get into a trade with them, they cancel the trade just as you enter in the money amount, or even before. They will continue to attempt to trade you, when you trade them.
  5. Is it possible to setup the combat bot, so it will eat rock cake when its hp gets too high from just restoring it self ? As I see that it suddenly gets up to 21 hp where the absorpotion pots will be waste of points.
  6. How do you guys setup your scripts to get decent with points and not break the bank? Im currently using dharoks with overload and absorption, and i got like +250k after 9 hours.
  7. Seems to be more responsive to that obstacle and better xp/hr now.
  8. Hello, just wanted to let you know that the bot has some problems with Ape Atoll, when it begins on the course at this location, it has some difficulties with finding the option to go further. It just keeps rotating and moving the mouse abit slighty, but takes alot longer than you'd expect any regular human to. https://gyazo.com/1c42f0790475fe3cd20aeedc9625c76b
  9. Look at the bright side, if they end up ruining RS, we can finally quit for good. But honestly, 07 is already ruined by crappy content being put into it. It sucks that we have to settle with this, RS3 got ruined many years ago..
  10. Pures should not be able to do this quests, unless they do the training. Dont change the way OSRS should be, also i dont get why they make the ballista a non quest requirement weapon.
  11. Just wondering, but if you are training an account that is a main one, does anyone have experience with ban rates using this script, also will it feature ABCv2?
  12. Im having problems with the script thinking that it is done with the task, even though it is long from finished. I set the current task to 15k monkfish and it claimed to of finished them after 2.5k. Used OSBuddy with LG.
  13. Will this script support ABCv2, as Im very interrested in it, but i'd like to remain safe with my account.
  14. Just wondering, but could a function where the bot changes world every X amount of time with X amount of variation in there, as well as if someone chats ? As from what I've seen the most likely reason to be banned, is due to reports.