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  1. is there a free 24h trial i can get? Edit: nvm found it
  2. wtf?? are you me?? i started botting about 2-3 weeks ago too at 73 hunter and botted 3-5 hours per day and got 73-92 and got hit with 2 day ban on wednesday also. I have no clue if i ran out of arrows though but ill find out when i get unbanned tomorrow. Edit: the acc wasnt my main it was my zerker but i had quiet high skilling stats because at a certain time i wanted to quit my main. It had mostly 70 base stats 99 cooking 91 fishing 70 mining, wc and had b gloves. Ill stop botting when my 2 day ban is over though. might bot on my main its 2k+ total with 0 bans on it, ill take a 2 day ban to bot zulrah for some cash.
  3. This plz i havent used it in almost a week now. How do we know if tribot is updated? Will it show up when we launch tribot
  4. damn do you purchase the accounts or hand train them your self? And you just bot 10+hours a day every day?
  5. >that sig how many zulrah bots do u have running at once? No way thats all from one acc how the fuck do u not get perm banned
  6. yeah i think im gonna wait till its updated,the same pattern of clicking 3 times and misclicking on the third seems like ill have a higher chance of catching a ban.
  7. the bot keeps clicking 3 times when running toward a trap and misclicks so much. I turned the mouse speed down and it still does it. its mildly annoying :/
  8. damn nice sig, do you use LG? Is 76 agility worth getting or should i just use summer pies
  9. how long has someone gone without a ban using this script? while botting smart like 2-3hours per day only? Really interested in purchasing but im afraid my acc will get banned very fast.
  10. dont bother lol praise god you only got a 2 day ban.
  11. Edit: do you enable chin killing? is that how i might try that holy fuck whats ur secret, at black chins i can barely get my profit above 500k so many pkers the bot has to run/hop every 5mins
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