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  1. amok s


    hey id like to buy 140m usd
  2. i can sell you these, pm me
  3. sold, seems i can only sell 5 each 31 days :/
  4. Still ned help with above, keep getting this everytime
  5. it not doing anything atm, maybe rs updated ? Im at trabs it just walks to tiles and does not set the trap
  6. having this problem again, restarted my computer and its doing the same, it worked before i removed jagexcase and loaded rsbuddy + tribot and it seem to work then, i do the same thing now and its not working... ;/ need help!!!
  7. Can you add gnome's flax please?
  8. It walks really botlike at maple seers, instead of clicking 1 time it clicks like 20 times to go > maples or go > bank, please change this
  9. Could you please add seers maples? Very good script Really needed, we cant cut any maples, also. Can you add the anti ban method when ever it cuts down a tree it randomly waits a couple seconds before clicking the next tree, i think its ABCL or something like that?
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