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  1. Still ned help with above, keep getting this everytime
  2. it not doing anything atm, maybe rs updated ? Im at trabs it just walks to tiles and does not set the trap
  3. amok s

    bot stuck at loading jars, wont do anything

    having this problem again, restarted my computer and its doing the same, it worked before i removed jagexcase and loaded rsbuddy + tribot and it seem to work then, i do the same thing now and its not working... ;/ need help!!!
  4. You really should slow it down, for the rest its a good script.
  5. amok s

    [FREE] SPX FlaxPicker [1000+ FLAX/HR]

    Can you add gnome's flax please?
  6. amok s

    [ ABCL 10 ] Tree Tipper AIO [ $5 / month ]

    It walks really botlike at maple seers, instead of clicking 1 time it clicks like 20 times to go > maples or go > bank, please change this
  7. amok s

    Auto Woodcutter

    Could you please add seers maples? Very good script Really needed, we cant cut any maples, also. Can you add the anti ban method when ever it cuts down a tree it randomly waits a couple seconds before clicking the next tree, i think its ABCL or something like that?
  8. Oh sweet, tyvm. ​Could you maybe change the delay when the bot attacks a monster and goes back to the safe spot? it waits like 5 seconds before attacking the monster again, seems a little bit botlike when it happens every time maybe? e/ also for some reason using waterfall firegiants West mode it sometimes clicks the door and it wont stop clicking the door (the north one)
  9. Every time when i save something and load it the next time it seems like the looting option is all bugged, new items that i haven't even added will come up and the bot will act all weird, that's only after i saved a file and re-loaded it, normally it works fine. Ty assume. e/ Also could you think about adding a 'right click attack' monster option only? Would be really handy
  10. I cant seem to start it, i keep getting this error:
  11. amok s

    AIO TRiBot Support Thread

    Hello i have tried everything, my problem: 2 days ago everything worked fine, after the update on rs all my bots seem to dysfunction, my aio combat script doesnt load current monsters avalible so i cant start it, hunter just stands there so does fishing, i've tried like 10 diff scripts all of them didn't work, i really dont know what to do anymore. What i tried: Delete tribot folder delete hook.dat I'm on normal size mode. People gave me tips on what to do, i did them but still it doesnt work.
  12. amok s

    [TUTORIAL] How To Delete Hooks.dat

    this doesnt work for me all my bots seem to be broken
  13. amok s

    all my scripts seem to be broken

    what the hell man still need help with this, always when im on tribot i get errors where nobody can help me with, great is this so annoying...
  14. amok s

    all my scripts seem to be broken

    im using normal mode as i used normally