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  1. Like this script? Like this post! Version: v1.005 Last Updated: April 4th, 2014 Intelligent combat algorithm Detecting closest target & target changes (-) Interactive UI & pop-out loot table (-) Pure friendly, and excellent training for low & even higher level accounts (-) Returns to fighting area if teleported by random & user has ring of dueling equipped. (-) Strength, Super strength, and Ranging potion support (-) Makes use of all 4 possible areas for warriors so player should never be wasting time waiting for respawns. Will use left room, right room, centre lobby, and the throne room. (-) Excellent door handling, and target location system. Will ensure player is in same area as the target before attempting to attack using a custom method to handle doors that may be in the way. (-) Fast response time between targets, re-attacking after eating (-) Randomized optional eating patterns. Choose your base eating HP, then choose your +- offset that is changed each time a piece of food is eaten. (-) Optional looting for all unidsabove a given price with zybez grabbing current prices to track your profit! All unids >= price you choose Access by clicking treasure chest on paint v1.005 - 04/04/2014 (-) Loot table has been changed slightly. I've added in % tracking for overall loots. I'd be real interested for you guys to loot all herbs over 10-12 hour period and post your loot table results. It will breakdown how much of a % each specific herb yielded over your total overall loot. v1.004 - 02/08/2014 (-) New UI, more options. (-) Option to loot bones added (-) Option to bury bones added [Must be looting bones also] Will bury if >= 5 bones in inventory. (-) Option to loot ammo added [Make SURE you have your equipment tab opened before setting up this otherwise name will return null](-) Multiple potion support added. Regular attack & Super attack potions added to possible potions list. (-) You are now alloed 3 accounts per auth! Enjoy! v1.003 - 01/18/2014 (-) If you get teleported by a random, and end up to far away from the fighting spot, and have a ring of dueling equipped. It will teleport with the ring to duel arena, and walk back to the spot. v1.002 - 12/30/2013 (-) Edited how looting is handled should operate more smoothly now. (-) Changed walking for banking was having issues during the path to the bank causing it to run back to warrior area. v1.001 - 12/30/2013 (-) Fixed defence experience tracking. Spelling error on my part. (-) Looting has been modified to loot any unid above the given price in the GUI. Leave 0 to loot all. v1.000 - 12/29/2013 (-) Initial release FAQ Q: How many accounts is my auth code good for? A: Three RS accounts per purchase & 1 TRiBot at a time. Q: What if I'm getting the error maximum instances met? A: When occuring try waiting 5 minutes for the sessions to expire. There could also be an issue with the repository which is out of my control, or your connection dropped. This would be apparent for all script users though so you will know if this happens.
  2. Like this script? Like this post! This script is located on the TRiBot Repository. You can view the script there by clicking below. View Repository Version: v1.077 Last Updated: 1/18/2014 Progress Reports [Setup Instructions] (-) Will work @ any bank! Start in the bank you want to use! (-) Start with required runes in your inventory or use staff to substitute the need for secondary runes. Features (-) Banks at any bank booth in Runescape. (-) Superheats all bars bronze-rune. (-) Alches any item or items based on user input. To alch multiple items separate IDs with a comma. (-) Casts any non-combat spell on any item or items based on user input. To cast on multiple items separate IDs with comma. *Special Info: You are not required to check banking or the superheating spell when superheating bars. Simply switch to the superheating tab and select your bar type and press start. If you do wish to superheat multiple bars using the custom feature (this would only work with bars that require one ore) enter the ore IDs in the appropriate textfield, and fill out the general tab as listed. Update Log v1.077 - 01/18/2014 (-) Cast limit option added to GUI. Leave -1 for no limit, otherwise put in a positive value as the limit and when that limit is reached script will terminate.v1.076 - (-) Fixed superheating issues. (-) Edited paint to display more user information. (-) Added option on GUI to disable random solvers. (-) Small speed improvements. (-) Fixed lagg issue upon script start having to do with null pointer exception.v1.075 - (-) Beta of BrMagicPro released. Updates include more user flexibility, cleaner code and use of resources. Please see the features list for a full list of the new features.v1.074 - (-) Should now cancel off "Cast" if you get a random event and the uptext is valid.v1.073 - (-) Adjusted superheating, and the method functionality. Should prevent it from opening the bolts menu. (-) Adjusted superheating speed. See my short progress report below. I'm getting 94k magic experience per hour and roughly 1800 iron bars made per hour. (-) Adjusted high alchemy clicking. I'll have to test speeds at a later date.v1.072 - (-) Updated to account for TRiBot API changes.v1.071 - (-) Fixed superheating speeds. (-) Fixed mis-clicking other spells.v1.070 - (-) Updated superheating sleep times. Maybe will fix your issues. (-) Script is now hosted on repository.v1.069 - (-) Re-wrote alchemy & superheating methods. (-) Cleaned up code slightly, not as much as I should! (-) Edited adamant bars process, I think I did it how you guys asked. Unsure though as I couldn't test. (-) More accurate clicking of the spells. (-) You can now use this script at any bank booth in game, just start the script at whatever bank you wish to use.v1.060 - (-) Small fixesv1.050 - (-) Added Rune bar support. (-) Will now withdraw 100 nature runes if you fall below 250 in your inventory. No need to keep all your nats in inventory. (-) Start location is logged when you start the script. If you end up more than 2 tiles away it'll return to your start location. (-) Updated banking slightly to wait for a change in item count before exiting bank.v1.040 - (-) Fixed Mithril & Adamant Bar support. (-) Changed banking so it waits until ores are inventory before closing bank to prevent rebanking.v1.020 - (-) Fixed banking issues. (-) Will now do withdraw all & then withdraw the second ore if bar requires secondary. Faster exp per hour, also a failsafe is added if it messes up. It will deposit all, and then withdraw the set amounts needed. (-) Added support for mithril & adamant bars. (-) Fixed numerous other reported problems.v1.010 - (-) Superheating added for Bronze, Iron, Steel, & Gold Bars (-) Tweaked alching to make it faster with the new que update. (-) Need feedback on superheating. Was unable to test extensively at all since I don't have any ores.v1.000 - (-) Initial Release
  3. Like this script? Like this post! This script is located on the TRiBot Repository. If you are a new buyer simply look below, and click the link to purchase! After purchasing the script will show up when you press the 'Start Script' button on your client! It's as simple as that! New buyer? Click here to purchase on the repository Questions / Concerns? Version: v1.002 Last Updated: 04/04/2014 by ahmednizar by Stonefire (-) All log types supported! (-) -Normal || Lvl 1 || 40.0 xp || 41,600 xp/hr -Achey || Lvl 1 || 40.0 xp || 41,600 xp/hr -Oak || Lvl 15 || 60.0 xp || 62,400 xp/hr -Willow || Lvl 30 || 90.0 xp || 93,600 xp/hr -Teak || Lvl 35 || 105.0 xp || 109,200 xp/hr -Arctic || Lvl 42 || 125.0 xp || 130,000 xp/hr -Maple || Lvl 45 || 135.0 xp || 140,400 xp/hr -Mahogany || Lvl 50 || 157.5 xp || 163,800 xp/hr -Yew || Lvl 60 || 202.5 xp || 210,600 xp/hr -Magic || Lvl 75 || 303.8 xp || 315,952 xp/hr *Please note xp/hr calculations based off 1,040 logs per hour. May vary depending on location also. (-) 6 Locations Supported! (-) -Varrock East || 3 Lanes -Varrock West || 5 Lanes -Falador East || 4 Lanes -Duel Arena || 3 Lanes -Seers Village || 3 Lanes -Yanille || 3 Lanes (-) Camera Rotation & Angle Changes Antiban (-) This is threaded antiban that will not interfere with the main part of the script. It will not do these things when it is time to bank, or is banking. The randomization is high enough so it is not constantly occuring also, helping it to resemble a normal player. (-) Intelligent lane switching. (-) Detects fires if they're on your current tile, and will move back a tile if one exists. After to many failed attempts in the current lane, player will switch to a new lane. (-) Intelligent log lighting. (-) Process is like a human would light fires in order to achieve maximum experience rates. (-) Simple GUI (-) Will probably be made more appealing at later point. v1.002 - 04/04/2014 (-) Mouse speed slider added to GUI. Giving you the user more flexibilty upon your mouse speed. ABC Compliance updated to deal with run energy. v1.001 - (-) Small changes v1.000 - (-) Initial release.
  4. Like this script? Like this post! Last update: 03/11/2014 Version: 1.001 Purchase via the repository by clicking here! FeaturesMultiple bone type support​BonesBig bonesBabydragon bonesDragon bonesCan add more bones if asked easily!​Personal altar supportTo Bank Options: - Note: Portal & Glory must be visible in the minimap from either the altar room, or the centre room of the house containing your entrance portal,Ring of DuelingFalador portalMounted gloryTo House Options:House tabsTeleport to house spellRequirementsHouse tabs in inventory if using those to houseRunes in inventory if using those to house (you can use a staff to substitute a rune type)Tinderbox in inventory for lighting burnersMarrentill in bank to light burnersStart in house or at appropriate bank locations for to bank optionBonesOther Player altar supportTo Bank/House Options: - Note:You can find a house in the POH section of the minigames clan chat!Walking via yanille only.RequirementsStart in players house, or in yanilleBones Setup​Fill out User InterfaceSelect bone type & optionally set amount of bones in bank to calculate when to shutdown​Personal Altar - Use this tab if you're using your own altar in your house​​Choose options for getting to houseChoose option for bankingOther Player Altar - Use this if you're using another players altar in their house [Yanille only]​ Progress Reports​99 Achieved by chad0ck : Options: To House -> Tabs || To bank -> Mounted Glory || Altar -> Personal​​Options: To house -> Tabs || To bank -> Mounted glory || Altar -> Personal​Options: To house -> Tabs || To bank -> Dueling ring || Altar -> Personal​Options: To house -> Walking || To bank -> Walking || Altar -> Other players​ Update logv1.001 - 03/11/2014 (-) Auto-detection for mounted glory camera settings (thanks erick:) (-) Will deselect if you have anything selected when trying to light burners or use the mounted glory.v1.000 - 03/09/2014 (-) Initial release
  5. Like this script? Like this post! This script is located on the TRiBot Repository. You can view the appropriate section by clicking 'View Repository' below. View Repository Version: v1.000 Last Updated: 01/18/2014 Features -Currently only supports Seers Village for both picking flax & spinning. -Will log out if out of the required item(s). -Tracks Profit based on current zybez prices. -Intelligent door handling, and traversing for spinning flax. -Dynamic sleeping for the fastest and human-like movement possible -Antiban including camera rotation, and stat xp checking. Progress Reports Update Log v1.000 - (-) Initial release.
  6. Like this script? Like this post! This script is located on the TRiBot Repository. You can view the appropriate section by clicking 'View Repository' below. Click here to add on the repository Version: v1.001 Features (-) Will logout, and shutdown if you run out of the required items. Will print your ending statistics in the debug. (-) Relies entirely on the user for input! Bank at any booth! Do any potion or herb! (-) (-) Decanting (-) Grinding (-) Herb Cleaning (-) Unfinished Potions (-) Finished Potions (-) Option to save your settings for future use! Progress Reports Update Log v1.001 - (-) Updated interface listener. (-) Conditioned waiting on a successful interface click. (-) Speed improvements v1.000 - (-) Initial release.
  7. PM Trilez account information regarding randoms.
  8. Just getting back into the groove of things again, it's been quite a while now! Hopefully this will help someone out that needs to track profit for their script. Features​Store prices for each item you wish to track for profitStore prices for each item you wish to track for expensesTrack counts of each surplus item & expense itemEasily calculate total profit by calling getProfit()Copy the price of one item to another itemManually set the price of an itemManually add/remove itemInitialize expenses and surplus by names upon script start. Afterwards hook to your zybez api to setup the price for each item with setupPriceMap();package scripts.org.brad.utils;import java.util.Collection;import java.util.HashMap;import org.tribot.api.General;/** * @author Bradsta**/public class ProfitManager { // Hashmaps to store item counts & prices for both expenses and surplus. private HashMap<String, Integer> expenses = new HashMap<>(); private HashMap<String, Integer> surplus = new HashMap<>(); private HashMap<String, Integer> prices = new HashMap<>(); /** * Returns our profit based on expenses & surplus items getting price * information from prices. * * @return */ public double getProfit() { double value = 0.00; if (expenses.size() > 0) { for (String expense : expenses.keySet()) { if (prices.containsKey(expense)) value -= (expenses.get(expense) * prices.get(expense)); } } if (surplus.size() > 0) { for (String item : surplus.keySet()) { if (prices.containsKey(item)) value += (surplus.get(item) * prices.get(item)); } } return value; } /** * Clear profit manager */ public void clearManager() { surplus.clear(); prices.clear(); expenses.clear(); } /** * Returns total count of surplus items * * @return */ public int getTotalSurplusCount() { int count = 0; for (String item : surplus.keySet()) { count += surplus.get(item); } return count; } /** * Returns surplus items in String[] array. * @return */ public String[] getSurplusItems() { return convertStringCollection(surplus.keySet()); } /** * Returns surplus item counts in int[] array * @return */ public int[] getSurplusCounts() { return convertIntegerCollection(surplus.values()); } /** * Updates the specified expense with the new count. * * @param name * @param count */ public void updateExpense(String name, int count) { expenses.put(name, count); } /** * Updates the specified surplus with the new count. * * @param name * @param count */ public void updateSurplus(String name, int count) { surplus.put(name, count); } /** * Copies price of item to another * @param name * @param nameToCopy */ public void copyPrice(String name, String nameToCopy) { prices.put(name, prices.get(nameToCopy)); General.println(name+" has a new price of : "+prices.get(name)); } /** * Sets the price of an item * @param name * @param price */ public void setPrice(String name, int price) { prices.put(name, price); General.println(name+ "'s price has been set to "+prices.get(name)); } /** * Initializes the expense HashMap with all the item names giving them * starting counts of 0. * * @param names */ public void intializeExpenses(String... names) { for (String name : names) { expenses.put(name, 0); } } /** * Initializes the surplus HashMap with all the item names giving them * starting counts of 0. * * @param names */ public void initalizeSurplus(String... names) { for (String name : names) { surplus.put(name, 0); } } /** * Sets up the price hashmap for all the items. * * @param expenseItems * @param surplusItems */ public void setupPriceMap() { ZybezRSItem currentItem = null; if (expenses.size() > 0) { for (String name : expenses.keySet()) { currentItem = new ZybezRSItem(name); if (currentItem != null) prices.put(name, (currentItem.getAveragePrice() + 1)); } } if (surplus.size() > 0) { for (String name : surplus.keySet()) { currentItem = new ZybezRSItem(name); if (currentItem != null) prices.put(name, (currentItem.getAveragePrice() + 1)); } } for (String item : prices.keySet()) { General.println(item + " added with a current average price of " + prices.get(item) + "gp."); } } /** * Returns the current item count of the expense if it exists. * * @param name * @return */ public int getExpenseItemCount(String name) { return expenses.containsKey(name) ? expenses.get(name) : -1; } /** * Returns the current item count of the surplus if it exists. * * @param name * @return */ public int getSurplusItemCount(String name) { return surplus.containsKey(name) ? surplus.get(name) : -1; } /** * Returns the price of the item from the price map. * @param name * @return */ public int getItemPrice(String name) { return prices.containsKey(name) ? prices.get(name) : -1; } /** * Removes specified item from list * * @param name */ public void removeItem(String name) { surplus.remove(name); General.println(name + " has been removed from ProfitManager list."); } /** * Converts integer collection to int[] array * @param coll * @return */ public int[] convertIntegerCollection(Collection<Integer> coll) { int[] collection = new int[coll.size()]; for (int index = 0; index < collection.length; index++) { collection[index] = (int) coll.toArray()[index]; } return collection; } /** * Converts String collection to String[] array * @param coll * @return */ public String[] convertStringCollection(Collection<String> coll) { String[] collection = new String[coll.size()]; for (int index = 0; index < collection.length; index++) { collection[index] = (String) coll.toArray()[index]; } return collection; }}
  9. Like this script? Like this post! This script is located on the TRiBot Repository. You can view the appropriate section by clicking 'View Repository' below. Click here to add on the repository Version: v1.044 Last Update: 11/13/2013 Features -Supports Enchantment Chamber Only -Supports all shapes -Supports All Lvls of Enchantment -Conditioned timing for best exp per hour results Setup Instructions -Start with Cosmics in Inventory & NOTHING in your last inventory slot -Select your level of enchantment from the GUI. -Select your choice of shape to enchant from the GUI. -Press Start! Progress Reports Update Log v1.044 - (-) Updated script to work again. (-) Altered walking mechanism to prevent it from getting stuck while moving. (-) Plan to re-write soon.v1.043 - (-) Re-wrote enchantment method. Sleep times are no longer required. Will never click to early any more!v1.042 - (-) Updated to account for TRiBot API changes. v1.041 - (-) Moved script hosting to repository.v1.040 - (-) Updated IDs to correspond with RS Update. (-) Enchants counter is now accurate based off spell xp.v1.030 - (-) Updated IDs to correspond with RS Update.v1.020 - (-) You are now able to input the sleep times yourself between enchants to figure out what works best for you.v1.010 - (-) Changed sleeping to hopefully fix clicking to early. Also will wait until you are not moving to keep collecting from the specified shape pile.v1.000 - (-) Initial Release
  10. Nothing fancy guys just wrote this for myself to buy some stews at seers village bar for me, and use my cat to catch hell rats. Does not bank stews, you must start at required spots. Info: Two options-Put script in seers village bar with coins to buy stews [does not bank]-Put script in evil dave's cellar, and bring your cat. Will kill rats, and loot spices. You can add the script via the repository by clicking here.
  11. This thread is for use after a system update so you can communicate with the rest of the community, and the scripters primarily about ID changes, and anything that was most likely broken as a result of the update. Please use this topic for the aforementioned and anything else that applies, and refrain from making any new topics regarding issues mentioned here. Primary Discussion of this topic will be focused on: ID changes of Objects & ItemsBroken Hooks such as Object & Npc ClickingAny other issue as a result of a system updateThanks for your cooperation, Bradsta & The TRiBot Staff
  12. Debug at top of your client -> Inventory Same for getting Objects.
  13. No reason it should pause, unless the built in fatigue system is forcing the script to act slowly.
  14. Thank you:). But no his username is BradstaG.
  15. PM me account info and I'll take a look. My account is banned, and I honestly don't see myself making another one.
  16. Botfarm Manager is not a copy of anyones name. That's way to generic to consider it a copy of anything.
  17. If tabs are causing problems use the main tab. I can't help things aren't working great after the update.
  18. Updated to default TB banking. Should be able to use it within 5 or so minutes of this post.
  19. Updated banking to TB default until I re-write personal methods.
  20. Make sure your viewing the correct tab. There is paintable display I believe, and the regular one. Paint only shows up on one of them.
  21. Flax picking / spinning has pretty much been the most bannable thing on RS for a very long time. Should never use this on your main mate.