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  1. Debug at top of your client -> Inventory Same for getting Objects.
  2. No reason it should pause, unless the built in fatigue system is forcing the script to act slowly.
  3. Thank you:). But no his username is BradstaG.
  4. PM me account info and I'll take a look. My account is banned, and I honestly don't see myself making another one.
  5. Botfarm Manager is not a copy of anyones name. That's way to generic to consider it a copy of anything.
  6. If tabs are causing problems use the main tab. I can't help things aren't working great after the update.
  7. Updated to default TB banking. Should be able to use it within 5 or so minutes of this post.
  8. Updated banking to TB default until I re-write personal methods.
  9. Flax picking / spinning has pretty much been the most bannable thing on RS for a very long time. Should never use this on your main mate.
  10. Next time that happens can you post debug that shows script stopping? Post Bot Debug & Client Debug. Also note anything else that might be useful, such as with a particular random.
  11. Hm I'll look into that. Looks like it was attempting to handle door but not walking it's way over to it from the status changing.