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  1. I cannot. Trilez made it free since I was inactive when all the ABCL stuff went into play. Only non-vip users will be able to run it again when it's a paid script. That's how the repository is setup. I will try to talk to him later today if I can catch him, and see if there is someway he can allow those who did purchase it when it was paid to use it without VIP.
  2. Update v4.00 (-) Mid-rewrite. I've scratched all of my old methods and have started over, picking and choosing core things that were already effective and trashing the rest of my old code.GoS/Glory support not yet added back. Safe cracking is not fully working.Custom NPC selection not implemented.Watchman not yet implementedArdougne Knight works, but PathFinding is buggy when it comes to certain rooms/doors.(-) Full ABCL Compliance(-) Profit Tracking works again(-) Ability to create a custom junk list added. One list must be created for each save profile you make. If you want the same junk list for multiple open up the .txt file and copy it in GUI when creating a new location saving.(-) Mouse speed selection removed. Only will comply with ABCL mouse speed. (-) Stall thieving works, need to make some adjustments however so use with caution.(-) Both Master Farmer Locations are fully functioning since I know these are the most important that users always rely on. Gate support, etc. option to use Martin the Master Gardener rather than regular MF at Draynor. (-) Cake support for regular cakes. Not chocolate ones.(-) I plan to have script return to premium status after all features are fully functional.
  3. There isn't anything to answer. Yes it works, he chose wrong location hence why it was running so far. Click on names of options if you can't see pictures. Pictures show up for me so I'm not sure why they don't for you.
  4. Debug at top of your client -> Inventory Same for getting Objects.
  5. Should already support stethoscope, just have more than 1 in bank, and start with 1 in your inventory. @sanctity Message trilez with an account stuck in the random and he can fix.
  6. If camera changes are felt to be like that in ABCL I'll just revert to the old system I had in place. Probably be later I'm not at home right now.
  7. Camera angle changes are using ABCL system, before I was using my own. I could revert back I guess, but ABCL is pretty mandatory within scripts now. I haven't experimented with break handler, TB must have it walk somewhere before breaking if it's going to that spot by the willows.
  8. No reason it should pause, unless the built in fatigue system is forcing the script to act slowly.
  9. Updated clicking again, try it now. And when clearing cache make sure you clear jagex cache in c:/drive and your user drive.
  10. @Viti Not likely. @Snufflez @ - Can you try clearing your RS cache on your computer. I had to do this to fix several issues I was having prior to the update I did yesterday.
  11. @ Everything is working fine for me. Running it now going to post a 3-4 hour proggy in a bit. @ Images not showing in lite mode means you probably have the image host blocked. Images load for me and I am in lite mode. @ Clicking not for 3-4 seconds elaborate more I'm not experiencing this. Only reason that would occur is if a client error is occuring causing something to return null such as npc model, the npc itself, the uptext or something of that nature. All of which are out of my control. You did mention these problems occured after the last update. Things often break after the update client sided, which need to be repaired by Trilez before my stuff will operate as it should. @ Experience rates aren't going to be super high unless I remove ABCL, which is mandatory to be implemented. The whole goal now is to not be consistent the whole time the script is running, but to have variations, pauses, etc. If you don't like that you'll have to take that up with trilez. The last update I did included ABCL to the extent it needed to be in the script.
  12. I've had a busy as hell two weeks, and here I am on and still no one has posted a single debug in regards to this "memory leak"..
  13. Small update no version change. ABCL implemented more extensiveTarget switchingJunk seed droppingCamera rotatingXP CheckingRun enabling