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  1. weird, opened a new client instance today and its working no problem now. will try your solution if it happens again, thanks!
  2. Anyone else getting this error? Didn't change any settings from yesterday when it ran perfectly http://prntscr.com/i5n712 Error: Most likely, you have a blank or inproper letter
  3. Trying to make stamina (4)s with this, it stalls for a few seconds, then the bot stops guess this was a waste of money
  4. Does this have the option to tele to Seers bank for faster xp on that course? After the Kandarin hard diaries, your tele gets you right to the beginning of the course
  5. I havent read through this thread but does this support goldsmith gauntlets and ice gloves?
  6. Deleted cache clients and disabled lite mode. Paint is now working, thank you
  7. is there an issue with the paint? its not showing any ores mined or xp gained for me
  8. When I run this script, it completely takes over I can't click anywhere or type anything in game Then when I stop the script, it stays like this and I have to close the client and restart Is there a setting I'm missing that doesn't allow this to happen?
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