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  1. Damn that sucks. Hopefully this gets fixed soon... Seems like a lot of scripts on here have been neglected
  2. damn wish i would have looked at this thread before I bought... Didn't expect a fletching bot to be down
  3. working for me... just bought it today as well. can't get it to change weapons for the power surge boost though. but running fine other than that
  4. How do you set this up to use a different weapon for the power surge boost?
  5. yeah please fix this asap! getting the same error with the Tri AIO Tzhaar Fighter
  6. same thing. think its a bug in their new update.
  7. is there a problem with the melee setting? everytime I try to run it on melee it shuts down either right after I start it or after its finished first trip and needs to bank checked spelling on everything to make sure it wasn't an issue
  8. anyone have any recommendations for melee set up? gonna go for 99 att and str here. ^^^^made 11m profit btw while getting 99 range. started around 80 range I believe, can't remember.