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  1. The script is not currently able to type in the items it wants to buy, i dont know if this is a client based bug or a script bug due to interface changes.
  2. Dont use .rar use the windows standard compression and make it a .zip file @suckafree
  3. Is it okay that i uploaded my 22 files in a Zip or shall i upload them individually to one post? @TRiLeZ
  4. @TRiLeZ here is my 22 mouse data files, looking forward to seeing the results. mouse_data.zip
  5. Data attatched Xmouse_data-7221-1419356760362.dat Xmouse_data-7221-1419366644325.dat
  6. One more thing. I'm away right now but I'll post screen shots when I'm home, if the scripts pick axe head lands the otherside of a rock fall it struggles to retrieve it.
  7. bot gets stuck at the rocks coordinates 3769,5657,0 when trying to click on the vein just to the west. I think the pathing thinks there is no blockage and just waits till someone else mines the rock. the rock is at 3769,5658,0. other than that great script.
  8. My animations are stuck at -1 too.
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