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  1. Trying to log in but it's saying Invalid password/username but it's all correct, i even changed the password and still saying it's incorrect. any help please as it was working yesterday - i'm on the new client. Thanks #
  2. ipk0wnu

    nightmare Zone

    Hi, what bosses should i click for the normal/hard NMZ with cake an absorptions, i keep dieing and can't AFK (training str0 please see the gear below: https://ibb.co/km05cLq <a href="https://ibb.co/km05cLq"><img src="https://i.ibb.co/QDnpmWY/NMZ.png" alt="NMZ" border="0"></a>
  3. ipk0wnu

    Nightmare Zone

    upgraded to dragon legs + chain an using the rock cake and i'm lasting so much longer Thank you just annoying keep clicking the rapid heal to stay under 1hp lol
  4. ipk0wnu

    Nightmare Zone

    DDS (5 Super combat potion (4) and the rest Absorptions (4)
  5. ipk0wnu

    Nightmare Zone

    I'm currently 70 att, 74 str, 59 def currently on custom normal using Khazard warlord, Count Drynor, Tree spirit, Sand snake, King Ronald. But i keep getting hit damage i'm sure it's from the Khazard warlord, got 12k point and had 500 damage when using the absorptions. currently using: Berserker helm Obby Cape Fury whip Rune plate/legs/boots Rune defender Berserker ring Regen bracelet any ideas how i can stay longer with out damage? P.S i'm trainging my def up to 70 to use barrows Thanks
  6. ipk0wnu

    DVI port?

    Hi, I'm trying to connect my Xbox to my PC monitor but it don't have HDMI, i tried to get a HDMI Male to VGA (as you can see in picture) but i keep getting 'no signal' picture with no source button. In the picture attached the white port, what is it.. do you think that will work with my xbox? Thanks
  7. seem like the runeliteplus now works (maybe needed an update) i cannot connect it to osbuddy (no errors just black screen) Below is Pale Moon - i always use palemoon as it don't need to be updated as much but as i'm now on a new laptop i cannot load it - hopefully you can help
  8. hi, New laptop more problem. I've had loads of home from Flax (great help) So i cannot connect the client (runelite/osbuddy) to tribot even encoded guide don't connect so I've tried pale moon but the Application blocked by java, i've added the exception but still getting blocked. what am i dong wrong?
  9. Thank you, black screen with osbuddy with looking class? any idea?
  10. Thanks - I've downloaded but it's still showing an internet icon next to tribot, how do i change to run? thanks
  11. hi all, I've got a new laptop and can't remember what programs i need to run Tribot any help please? I've download osbuddy and that works. Thanks
  12. hey, for some reason the client and tribot kees freezing causing my computer to compleaty freeze and to only work i have to power down computer - it's running in background and it's fine but second i run a bot it's jumpy and then crashes. any help please thanks
  13. tried that nothing.. i've chnaged form osbuddy to runelite and it's now working . thanks
  14. hi, for some reason it's not letting me click on the client, i've tried re-setting but still not clicking Edit - block user imput is off too any help thanks
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