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  1. Hi, i've looked into the " Are you having problems with the script?" it's doing it on runite & A-miner Still getting the error. Bot just stands there and not hop worlds thanks
  2. ipk0wnu


    i've unblocked someone around a year ago, we "poked" eachother a few time and had a few messages but they are gone can't remember the name Is there a way to go back into settings to locate? thanks
  3. have there been an update? Tribot can't find my client, ive got runelgiht and osbuddy open thanks
  4. can i still use looking glass with just VIP or does it need to be VIP Extended? thanks
  5. ipk0wnu


    is there any scrips for the Keg str training? thanks
  6. ipk0wnu


    is there any scrips for the Keg str training? thanks
  7. 4 days stil not working for me..
  8. tried thaat not letting me hook to a client
  9. client still not working still black screen and using ,jar client? @TRiLeZ @wastedbro @Usa @Encoded
  10. so i've had Aminer v2 normal & runite version unlimited month and months ago now they are gone?
  11. ipk0wnu


    what is the best way to transfer items from a botted account , everytime i trade over the botted account gets banned. thanks
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