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  1. Sigh Tribot and problems - name something more iconic.
  2. AA Agility has gotten me 99 agility countless times most recently on two accounts a few months back.
  3. Seems like a waste to me. Why not bot a new account to max?
  4. Also happened to me today on multiple bots. Hasn't been a problem in years.
  5. I have no idea what is going on with these updates but I like it.
  6. Don't trust my main with anything else.
  7. I feel the same way about to web walker. Especially ExWalker. Can't prove either. (I still use it just saying)
  8. Mr snewo


    IMO no reason to bot something you can do with team viewer easily from your phone. Unless your referring to a farm then I'd say its pretty safe compared to most things.
  9. I see your a man of culture as well. Never used proxies and been at this for years. Marketing done right.
  10. get good Not including making $$ I've also made a 2k+ total main and maxed pure 100% botted other than non supported quests and pking. Don't blame the machine blame the user.
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