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  1. Mr snewo

    Looking Glass

    Don't trust my main with anything else.
  2. Mr snewo

    How do you bot?

    I feel the same way about to web walker. Especially ExWalker. Can't prove either. (I still use it just saying)
  3. Anyway we could get a 5 auth option?
  4. Mr snewo


  5. Mr snewo


    IMO no reason to bot something you can do with team viewer easily from your phone. Unless your referring to a farm then I'd say its pretty safe compared to most things.
  6. Seems to be a problem with the GE after last update. Cannot buy any items from the GE. @Final Calibur
  7. Mr snewo

    A few questions for a returning botter

    I personally don't think you don't need proxies unless you are a big time botter. If you got a small-medium size farm you don't need to proxies at least in my experience.
  8. Any chance of adding waterfall quest?
  9. Mr snewo

    Premium scripts gone?

    It truly is a bad business practice to complete a transaction acceptable to both parties then change the conditions down the road, regardless of your reasoning. I completely agree and can understand the lifetime model is not sustainable, I think most could see it years ago when they were first offered including those offering the deal. However, that does not give the seller the right to make changes to the agreement made years ago. It was a mistake to offer it to being with but a even bigger mistake to renege on.