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  1. When there is just one free inventory space left, it chooses to take green dragonhides instead of dragon bones. You should change that, because dragon bones are like 250gp more expencive. It adds up over time.
  2. Please explain. "5.Change the default automatic IP time change to what you want(Default is every 10 minutes.)" 1.Does this mean that the ip address will change every 10 minutes? 2.What would be the maximum amount of time without an ip change?
  3. He is right, I just saw the same bug right after I got the red message saying "Tribot has been updated, please restart client". Im trying to use Master AIO Chopper and I got one auth. Please fix fast.
  4. After tribot update: "Your trial for this script has ended. Please wait for your trial usage to get reset, or purchase the script." I have purchased one auth. Back when i bought it it was 5 accounts per auth.
  5. 1. When i uncheck the box after "upgrade axes", it still runs to bank after starting script saying "checking if we can upgrade axes". 2. When using custom method and choosing "define area", i set the NW and SE tiles, and click the start button but it simply will not start, GUI wont go away and will not start. 3. What java version are you using to get these long proggies, what would you recommend?
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