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  1. I trade my RS2007GP for your RS3GP Stock: 5m Current rate: 1:7.5 ****You should pay for an MM if you can't trust me going first. The only way you're going first is if you have well enough feedback to show that you're trusted; otherwise, I am going first.**** Thank you have a great day!
  2. I do the same. Very smart imo so you don't have to spend out of pocket money just to get started back up if you somehow lose all of your accounts together...
  3. For some reason running this script makes my clients run around 44% CPU Usage. I am only running 2 bots right now because of such high usage. I have a windows 8, do you know what's going on? I am in light-mode...
  4. Wanna buy some cannonballs 250ea? Let me know. Will have 50k+ shortly.
  5. I recently died last night losing 20m in nats... Edit: It was my problem for botting in a PvP world. That isn't the problem though. My computer never lags and I have watched this script for several hours on end and it has never messed up until last night, The script was superheating in the bank then started running like it was on a mission to Camelot or something from Varrock West Bank...
  6. Welcome to TriBot Ziggily! I hope your stay here is enjoyable. I definitely know mine has been so far. This place is cozy. Don't listen to all of the non-sense people talk about TriBot, they're just jealous they can't get what they want when they want it. They're impatient. Anyways, I'm Pluri and you're more than welcome to message me if you need anything and I will try and help you out with the best of my ability!
  7. Need 1997 addy ore at the moment, got all of my coal.
  8. I'm down to buy all every day if we could get the price down 20-50gp lower than what they go for.
  9. Stop downloading or clicking on phishy stuff dude... Stick to your farm and don't look elsewhere to improve it. That's probably how people are getting you.
  10. Also, if you could add an option to log out after being finished with superheating all of the bars would be amazing. I would donate to you if the script is flawless after that too.(: Thank you, let me know what your opinion is?
  11. It would be cool if the Superheater had a Bars p/hr rate.