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  1. It is NOT fully working. I know it's Tribot and not your scripting but the misclicking has always been the #1 problem with this script. This is a script that relies on small advantages over a longer time frame to make money, and when it only stakes 20% of good challenges you might as well be running a flax picker. This is nowhere near the quality that it was running at before the update that wrecked it, and personally I would be willing to pay double the current price per month if you were able to get it up to that tier again.
  2. That was only one of the issues. The script continues to misclick non stop, mostly when attempting to challenge someone but often in the arena as well.
  3. I edited my post as it seemed to be all the garbage that was gathering in my tribot folder rather than the script itself causing issues. EDIT: Wow another edit to clarify that it's still broken. Still only left clicks trying to challenge a good opponent if they're on an unoccupied square. Basically unusable still unless your opponent spam challenges you
  4. It's still missing hits on switching and still not challenging good opponents Also misclicking decline when clicking to turn off the ring. EDIT: Fixed by reinstalling and deleting tribot folder in appdata
  5. Gotcha thanks. If you need an account to test the autochat update just let me know btw.
  6. I started to notice the challenging problem again and figured it out. If the person who challenged you and was calculated to be a "good challenge" is standing on a square that isn't occupied by anyone else, the script will just left click that square rather than right click it and select challenge. Also if said person is moving it tends to misclick a lot trying to challenge back and quits trying after one attempt.
  7. I`ve noticed that without the built in autotyper the bot can get logged off for inactivity, causing you to have to manually re-enter the autochat you were using. Obviously this won`t be a problem once autochat setup is implemented but maybe consider shortening the interval of the bot changing camera position.
  8. It's been mentioned a couple times in the thread. If I were you I'd plug some numbers into it and compare it with the default and see what you like better.
  9. @KylePotter I asked this awhile back and from what I understand the beta calculator takes the different levels for max hits into account much more than the default. However, I tested it out ddsing for a couple nights and ended up losing a bit of money due to it undervaluing defence so went back to the default. From my experience it's best to play around and find the % win that works with your accounts stats to get you those duels where people are a max or two lower. For me this meant training my accounts up in str to the minimum levels for DDS maxes. You can only rely on the calculator so much and I'd personally rather have Assume focus on keeping the script running smoothly and bug free rather than figuring out the algorithm for a pinpoint accurate calculator.
  10. Oddly enough it seems to be working great now today haha. Watched both my accounts run for 5hrs this morning and there didn't seem to be any issues with challenging. Left it running for 4hrs while I played a round of golf, came back and going through the logs everything seems good. I'll post if something goes awry again, looking forward to the autochat implementation!
  11. It recognizes the challenge and flags it as good but the red box highlighting the opponent doesn't show up and it doesn't attempt to click to accept it. Again it's just arbitrarily for random users for some reason, everything is working fine for I'd say 80% of the good challenges otherwise. I'm home all day tomorrow so I'll monitor it and see if it keeps up.
  12. Having a problem with the script arbitrarily not accepting good challenges. It will calculate it all out and recognize it as "good" then not act on it. I haven't noticed any pattern as to when or why it happens however so can't elaborate too much more on that.
  13. Anyone having the problem of not registering duels re-download Tribot, restarting didn't work for me for some reason. Thanks @Assume
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