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  1. ive gotten 99 3 times with this script, but that was a few months ago cause i took a couple month long break from runescape. but i can tell that this script has gone to hell. barely usable.
  2. watchmen, all master farmers, and ardy knight isnt working. tried like 5 times on all of them
  3. i do get an error code when the script stops buy the sw bank. here it is: [13:38:21] java.lang.NullPointerException[13:38:21] at obf.oC.H(hb:182)[13:38:21] at obf.gd.H(pb:17)[13:38:21] at obf.gd.H(pb:183)[13:38:21] at org.tribot.api2007.WebWalking.walkTo(rm:38)[13:38:21] at scripts.rewrite.thiever.g.d(Methods.java:430)[13:38:21] at scripts.rewrite.thiever.BrThiever.run(BrThiever.java:225)[13:38:21] at java.lang.Thread.run(Unknown Source)[13:38:21] You've gained 25122.0 experience and 0 this run![13:38:21] Thanks for choosing BrMasterThieverPro v3.061 by Bradsta![13:38:22] Script Ended: BrMasterThieverPro [R].
  4. yep i made the mistake of letting the bot run without me babysitting it. im not banned, but i came back to my guy spamming doors north of ardougne. it was doing that for about an hour and a half. it didnt resolve itself. this is something that should seriously be looked at, it only happens when the ardougne knight is in a room the bot cant detect (or something,i dont know much about scripting) and when it happens, its very irritating and its the main reason why i cant run this bot for long periods of time. i started the bot at the bank and left do to my own personal stuff. when i got back, i didnt pickpocket the ardougne knight at all, i had my full inventory of food and was north of ardougne looking like a broken bot. please fix this, its very irritating. edit: these are the main doors that get the bot messed up. --------- this is where the ardy knights were for the hour my bot was spam clicking doors. http://gyazo.com/62a1c6b16c381f2e1a7a09817ac7c5b9 ------------- this is the other doors that the bot has never been able to open believe it or not, i know from expeirience that the ardy knight does go into those rooms. some way or some how, he gets in there. but the bot cant open those doors. so when he gets in there, your fucked
  5. hey this script is actually starting to irritate me now, i got 99 thieving twice with this script, no problems at all.. that was about 3 months ago, now im going for my 3rd cape. im at 91 thieving, and ive babysat it since it was at 1. the problems im having are when the NPC (ardougne knight) is in a certain room, the bot freaks out clicking on every door or obstacle it can. it happens quite often(maybe 1 or 2 times an hour). it resolves itself after about 10-20 minutes, but that takes a huge chunk out of the xp/hr. i have to pause the script and open the correct door it cant find. another problem is that it constantly gets into combat. making it run towards the south east ardougne bank, and half the time it stops the script when it gets to its destination. i dont get any error code, it just says thankyou for choosing BrMastertheiverPro. i dont really know what to say. its a really good script but at the same time its not. i average about 140k xp/hr. which is very good. the longest ive been able to run the script at ardy knights was about 5-6 hours, and thats with me solving the bots problems.. dont get me wrong, this is a really good script, not trying to bash the script or anything http://gyazo.com/efcf9a89a944614a946d3750d200a726 i got 99 theiving twice with this script. i know its a good script. theres just some bugs that needs to be fixed at the moment. edit: getting my first 2 capes, ive never had the door spamming problem, that started happening when i came back to use the script again. and my accounts were also level 3 skillers, so that might be why i never had a problem with attacking other NPCs until now since my combat lvl is 29.
  6. hey this isnt equipping gloves of silence anymore!! pls fix =] it stands at the bank and the status of the bot is "equipping gloves of silence" and standing in that one spot which could be for hours on end. maybe gloves of silence id was changed? so after an hour of running perfect without gloves of silence, after like the 4th or 5th bank trip, the bot started spazzing out clicking everywhere on the map, opening doors that the ardy knight wasnt in, like in places south of ardougne, not actually getting to the doors and opening/closing them, but just spam clicking almost every clickable thing on the screen.. would you know what might cause that? im restarting the bot and trying again to see if it happens again guess it only happened that one time, so the only problem is the gloves of silence not getting equipped =]
  7. when using fast points mode, can you make it so you dont use potions or give it an option to not use them? cause they are unneeded and a waste of money when using them on things i can already one shot kill
  8. when using fast points mode, can you make it so you dont use potions or give it an option to not use them? cause they are unneeded and a waste of money when using them on things i can already one shot kill
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