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  1. contact YoHoJo, hes nice and friends fast and you can work things out with him https://tribot.org/forums/index.php?/topic/21887-moderator-selling-tribot-repository-credits/ #YoHoJoisthebest!
  2. I botted druids for around 24 hours a day, for possibly 4-6 days? made around 10-15m.
  3. thanks for this, I always had an interest in java coding. ive had my own RSPS for awhile. is it possible for me to script without an account to test script on? any possible guides, videos, things that helped you begin scripting? I am in the process of download intellij
  4. thanks man If you wouldn't mind updating this. I found this to be a great help with my first scripts and ill be sure to give you credit when and If I am able to finish my first script.
  5. yesterday morning my ip got flagged for gold farming and all my accounts were banned (only had 3) what would you suggest for me to start back up on oldschool. I have no money on my visa to buy the membership, no money irl. no members account to buy bonds or memberships. what would you suggest I do, I don't mind starting over but I need a membership to start over and start botting again
  6. raped by what?
  7. and you realize this is why they hold a poll? if you don't like it simply vote no. most the of updates 60% of the community wants. yes change leads to change but tell me. you honestly think they are gunna add eoc to OSRS? when they already released an eoc and crashed and burned?
  8. and possibly for you you do. do you even think that hmm people wanted 07 back because it was PRE-EOC and it was what they were offered? you also realize he just wants your opinion and you had no right to be a dick abt it. mod mark didn't just ask us "hey you guys want pre eoc back? alright let me upload the source just before eoc came" they asked a poll if we would want 07 back. care to continue this please feel free to pm me. lets stay on topic. ive said my 2 cents, you have said yours.
  9. you realize there are bots for travelling and trading that I used almost everyday. usa's mercher, and aio master walker? please learn scripts before you try to contradict me and I highly doubt a jmod is gunna implement the g.e into OSRS because he came to a botting forums and seen a few people liked the idea of g.e
  10. first of all. are you fucking dumb? your telling a BOTTING community that we work hard to get what we want? lmfao really. and second the kid isn't insisting of adding it in game. he is simply wondering what peoples opinions are. think before you post, or get the fuck off this forums. smh kid
  11. not to mention questing packages are at an insane rate. a prince ali rescue questing kit = 75k consisting of only Rope: Wig: Yellow dye: Redberries: Bucket of water: Flour: Ashes: Three beers: Soft clay: Bronze bar plus people will only sell items in bulk basically. so say you need 10 lobsters good luck finding someone that's willing to sell 3k worth of lobsters. unless ofc its usa's mercher
  12. never knew they made new emotes!
  13. I believe it should come back to OSRS, but not as the current grandexchange but the old grand exchange. the 1 stall g.e. it will make things a lot easier to buy questing items, skilling items. marching clans will come back and allow a lot of people to make or break bank. it will make slayer easier, and it will possibly stop ALOT of epilepsy's from happening in w301 varrock. that's my 2 cents but then again my input doesn't matter, I have no accounts to play with xD
  14. try YoHoJo hes 100% legit
  15. barb fishing is the fastest + you also get agility and str xp just an added bonus