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  1. thanks man If you wouldn't mind updating this. I found this to be a great help with my first scripts and ill be sure to give you credit when and If I am able to finish my first script.
  2. alright so I tried this 5 times (was annoying af as I didn't have mage level for tb first time the bot went as followed up lumby right stairs. up, down, paused for 30 seconds, walked half way to other staircase on middle floor, walked back to right staircase, down, up, up, then to bank. other 4 times it didn't walk to half way across and eventually gets it atfter 3-5 tries hope this helped. other then that it reequips items kept on death and takes out armour. thanks man :3
  3. alright. make sure it also supports reequipting items kept on death I current have taken out rune full helm so the only thing it needs to take out is the shield and the armour if it banks it.
  4. ill use my 2 accounts to test out your death walking for you. il edit this post once im done
  5. only paused it when it was ucking up going up and down stairs. it went in a pattern of up down up up down up down down then I paused. it ran to varrock on its own after I died, even tho I have well over 300 tabs. I do happen to have all my in the top 4 rows (thought it woulda been more efffiecient. and a new person to forums is gunna be accessing my acc to do monkey madness and grand tree., so I put all valueables at the top for quicker taking pics of my bank. I have no problem or hate just want to see the scrit updated for everyone having problems. and enjoy yourself till Tuesday man and could you possibly add where if it reequips the scimi it sets its fighting stance back to what it previously was? I had it set on def and it keeps going to lunge. theres what my bank looks like on my acc ive went through quite a few sets since I bought em yesterday night. its suppose to re equip rune legs helm chain and rune scimi (for this pic idk hy but my scimis are at the bottom of the bank they were at the top in the morning. when I botted over night from 4 am - 8 am, the bot didn't have a problem wasn't pked or anything. but everytime it gets pked it shuts down script
  6. theres a bug with death walking from lumby, it got fucked walking up and down the right hand staircase so I paused script and brang to lumby bank. it just equipted the shield and logged off. I did set equipment id's before hand. this is what its suppose to equip (I have 5 sets in bank incase I got pked.) http://gyazo.com/b207c2019a9718b2bde508fd9a5396fa client debug: [01:49:28] Script Started: Ultimate Green Dragons. [02:14:58] Being attacked by player: J M L [02:14:58] Yo, you're getting pked. Teleporting out. [02:15:07] Being attacked by player: J M L [02:15:07] Yo, you're getting pked. Teleporting out. [02:15:16] Being attacked by player: J M L [02:15:16] Yo, you're getting pked. Teleporting out. [02:15:23] Being attacked by player: J M L [02:15:23] Yo, you're getting pked. Teleporting out. [02:19:57] No shield/weapon equipped. Something went wrong! [02:19:58] Something went wrong. Script ending... [02:19:58] Script Ended: Ultimate Green Dragons. smh abt that 20 minutes runtime and already pked but oh well xD also it keeps withdrawing un needed items from bank. my other bot made 2 trips from bank, first time it grabbed a leather chap, and the second time it grabbed 25 fally tabs instead of 25 lobsters. maybe possible fix for that is when its ready to leave bank check to make sure it has say 1 v telly tab, and 25 lobsters only in inv, if it doesn't then it puts the unneeded item back in bank. another bug(idk if its bug) after I regeared it and started it. it withdrew 1 tab and 25 food, but instead of tabbing to varrock it walks down lumby stairs to bottem floor goes to other staircase and goes up to top back to lumby bank, banks all items in inv, then grabs a tab and tabs to varrock and walks to bank. o.o ps: ive edited this like 8 times. all with bugs or more info. but the script randomly shut down after 2 hours(never has happened before with anyone script. idk why its this one) the client debug [01:51:37] Script Started: Ultimate Green Dragons.[02:47:36] We are attempting to solve the Sandwich Lady random.[02:47:42] We successfully solved the Sandwich Lady random.[02:47:43] Solved Random: SANDWICH[03:36:09] We are attempting to solve the Genie random.[03:36:09] We successfully solved the Genie random.[03:36:09] Solved Random: GENIE[03:36:26] We are attempting to solve the Genie random.[03:36:29] We successfully solved the Genie random.[03:36:29] Solved Random: GENIE[03:36:33] We are attempting to solve the Skill XP Item random.[03:36:38] We successfully solved the Skill XP Item random.[03:36:38] Solved Random: SKILLXPITEM[04:02:12] The maximum amount of instances for this script has been surpassed. Stopping script.[04:02:12] Script Ended: Ultimate Green Dragons. never had the maximum amount of instances before, maybe it has to do with instances per auth? cuz I was running 2 bots of green drags ooh looky another edit. basically in mime random it wont let the bot see or click the inv, bot says out of teleports then shuts down script. I just want a good script I can get a great prodigy on. no hate taxen no hate, 10000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000x better then wussupwussup's script okay last edit I making. [05:02:05] Script Started: Ultimate Green Dragons.[05:42:36] We are attempting to solve the Jekyll random.[05:43:56] We failed to solve the Jekyll random. (1)[05:44:03] Random that TRiBot can't solve: JEKYLL[05:44:14] Debug #3basically bot started making weird noises rapidly so I checked it, and I was pked I guess, because I was in lumby. but THIS time (first time out of 3) instead of going to bank it runs to varrock and banks all armour, takes out shield and shuts off [05:47:41] No shield/weapon equipped. Something went wrong![05:47:42] Something went wrong. Script ending...[05:47:42] Script Ended: Ultimate Green Dragons.I clearly have 5 sets of armour that I put the id but the bot doesn't even bother to get anything and shuts off... :/
  7. just bought another 8 credits off of him, very fast in 2 minutes friendly, will always come back to him #YoHoJoisthebest
  8. bought 10 credits from him. first one in the community to even add me on Skype. very friendly and fast. got my credits in 5 minutes max definitely will buy again!
  9. soulstealr

    Ava's accumulator Auto Buyer

    they already have that mr olliver - https://tribot.org/forums/index.php?/topic/20283-ebuyer-v23-auto-buyer-with-worldhopping-banking-multiple-items-saving-settings/ OT: I support this script very very annoying and would be great for pkers
  10. soulstealr

    qqqMysteries [Rune Mysteries]

    so only problem I have with this script is it wasn't able to open doors at wizard tower because of the roof (I don't believe you can change it to always off in 07. but I could be wrong) other then that it worked fine thanks man! p.s: sorry about the black coloring on the pic private convo . . I retried it 5 times to see what problems it was having.. I think you could easily fix it by. instead of it clicking the second door in the wizard tower it clicks the map to walk into the room then the door. idk if this problem only happens to me. but theres how it worked for me. thanks for the free quest script. quest scripts are in high demand as everyones lazy when it comes to annoying quests . keep up the good work! edit: i know i should have posted on the romeo & juiet page. but it happened with that quest too. after im on romeo n jueit ill be tryin witch potion