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  1. I've used custom navigation and it does not seem to work. It gets stuck south of edge bank where i spawn after death. I will move the character into the bank itself and the script will pick up from there.
  2. Another edit: I restarted the script with no gear on because it logged out again after death and it geared from nothing properly. I will try with custom nav because it seems like it doesn't know where to go after death. It says Activity time-out 10mins and then logs me out.
  3. I might be overlooking something but the script seems to log out after each death at the edge death location for some reason. I also am questioning whether it will automatically recharge a new bracelet with ether because there is no option in the GUI. I have extra sets of gear in the bank so there should not be a reason why it won't re-gear and continue on. any suggestions? EDIT: It might have to do with the charged glory that i wear; eg: glory(5) when i start vs. the fully charged glory's i have stacked in the bank eg: glory(6). Likewise with the ring of dueling(7) etc.
  4. I'm just getting back into farming and i am wondering what are the better money makers that are lower on the ban-rate/requirements. Not necessarily level 3s off tut island straight into it but nothing like dragon bots etc. Any info or feedback is appreciated
  5. Product: Swap 1.800M Deadman Gold You'll Receive: 18.000M RS 2007 Gold Delivery Time: INSTANT! Vouch legit fast ty
  6. Swap Confirmed Product: Swap 2.000M Deadman Gold You'll Receive: 20.000M RS 2007 Gold Delivery Time: INSTANT!
  7. we open in a few days with 130 ml but ok did it for lols seems like its making a few people mad
  8. Forums : www.sv-rs.org Teamspeak : ts.sv-rs.org SwiftkitIRC : #sv-clan
  9. This is what is happening to me Worthy. It gets stuck here
  10. Having 1 problem with my bot. When my bot goes into the Zulrah Cave it just stands there and Zulrah doesnt spawn in and it just sits there for hours.
  11. Get them highscores backup please Worthy <3 only for people who have purchased the script.
  12. Why are the highscores down for this script? http://www.worthy.rs/tribot-php/ZulrahSlayer/hiscores.php
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