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  1. Purchased this script for the 2nd time! It has gotten me over 8m+ strength xp, No problems what so ever. I would highly recommend this bot to anyone.
  2. how do i get this to work with a 1 prayer account using the rockcake method. It will not rockcake down at all? i only have an hour left on my trail
  3. hi Sigma. Definitely interested in the script. Im wondering if its fast enough to 1tick bolt enchants? I heard with enchanting you can get 300k+ xp/hour.
  4. Decided to try the 2hr trial. The script just says initializing then completely freezes. I activated the other thieving scripts trials and they all instantly work but none support fruit stalls. Id really like for this script to work I plan to purchase.
  5. lol. tried the trail version because I was having a hard time purchasing. I did "string jewelry" on the 1 hour trial version. PERM BANNED. Lmfao, This bot is NOT SAFE! Gf fully quested zerker pure 176 QP and a month of my life I knew the risks. But come on.. 1 hour? plus doing string jewelry which involves very little clicks.
  6. just purchased. using at waterbirth north spot ( 3 spot ) resetting aggro is sooo wonky.. it runs uptop to the 2 spot then back down to the 3 spot, then runs to reset agressive by running to the boat. Then runs all the way back up around the fence to the 2 spot. Over and over untill it finally settles down at the 3 spot location ( by this time all the damn crabs are running around cause i woke them all up ) leaving me standing still with not a single crab to kill.
  7. id like to buy the credits? Would you accept paypal or 07scape gp??

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    2. TomZyzz


      If you want, paypal me $5 usd and ill send u 5 credits. Let me know your paypal email and ill send you a invoice


    3. nigelcomp


      gl selling, I just payed rsgp to that automated thing. Sorry

    4. TomZyzz


      thanks and not sure what you payed rsgp to but I personally dont take rsgp and i made it clear in my posts.

      thanks for the interest tho

  8. nigelcomp

    Need an Ape Atol Skele Killing bot $$$$$

    The Scripter isn't back until the 19th of next month and lots of people are complaining about it! I don't need a chinning script either I got a pot sipper which kills the skeles for me. But I have to run it to bank, and back to the training spot every couple hours. thanks though!
  9. I basically just need a pot sipping bot that can gear up and walk to ape atoll skeles in the tunnels. Then just auto-retaliate while sipping prayer potions when needed. When its out of pots i'll need it to be able to tele and gear back up at a bank and repeat. Willing to pay with Paypal/Btc or 07scape. Thanks
  10. Rubs ring of duel walks to gnome glider talks to all the gnomes to get me to Ape Atol runs down to the Ape Atol skeleton tunnles Protects from melee while running sips super anti-poison ---Once it gets to my spot I chose, it just sits with auto retaliate on. While sipping prayer pots when my prayer is between 15-25. It needs an emergency teleport option too. example " Teleports when below 20% hp, or after 5 minutes of no xp gains" When its out of potions, I would like it to teleport via Cammy Tabs. run to the bank and gear up then it rubs that ring of duel again and starts the process all over. Willing to pay a hefty sum if it's flawless. THanks
  11. Is this new Anti-ban thing for real!? It delays inbetween kills longer than it takes for me to kill the damn monster. I've used this script to create 15+ 90 stat accounts in the last year without a single ban. Such a shame about these recent updates. Cuts my xp in half..
  12. nigelcomp

    [COMBAT] JJ's AIO Fighter Pro

    was about to purchase 3 more of these scripts. Currently running 1 script 1 bot. Cant even think about trying to run a second bot. nor a 3rd. Why is it taking up so much cpu? Got a Expensive gaming computer so its defintily not my pc. I can run 5+ other scripts easy, but this one drains me?