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  1. sickening might have to focus on chest fullness thats all that is missing
  2. pre work outs keep getting recalled back for an igredient, id stay away for awhile. First jack3d than craze a few others got recalled to
  3. I kinda lost my abs o well ill get them back soon
  4. Yes this is after my first cycle gained like 20lbs in 8 weeks, right now im cruising gonna order some cutting compounds and start shredding till im 8% than ima get into powerlifting bulk for a year or so
  5. Celltech is slang for steroids lol
  6. This is happening to me also my ingame name changed to random symbols and numbers
  7. I was thinking that cause my name was the name of a steroid, but i cant log in with same password and email its weird.
  8. I was using the account literally last 2 hours before this happened... weird
  9. I mean its impossible for someone to change my password... the email to my account is no longer active
  10. it says my password username is incorrect
  11. I personally never seen this before I just bot don't interact with anyone, I thought i was hacked cause i couldnt log in but than realized my name has symbols so it mustve been jagex... anyone know what this means?