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  1. Ive come back to find it at lumby (thank god for ring of life) I have been using varrock tabs as i have 60+ glorys, just wondering whether its because of pk'd or abbys creatures, will babysit for couple hours to find out, great script cant wait for pot support <3
  2. Heres the script im using at the minute Why would I pay for yours really
  3. nice cub cant wait! will it repair after giant and large degrade?
  4. With regards to the bans, there bot busting areas which accumulate mass amounts of bots... Fight Caves Tree's Fishing Flax I very much doubt you will see if any mods busting runecrafting At least not until an abyss script comes out which many people use, allowing a lot of bots to be taking the same route and accumulating in the same area
  5. Really nice to see the addition of glory support, wont affect me but perfect for anyone not having completed enlightened journey
  6. had a minor issue cub with the energy pots in very rarely pulls out an extra on only happened once in 6 hours so not major
  7. cub is soon gunna be using an auth system so you will be able to buy easily as well as update on the fly : ), just keep at it he should be on in an hour or two
  8. Nothing as of yet, it will continue to use them even if they are degraded cub is working on an update to add in when the giant and large pouch have degraded to glory to edgevill have them repaired then return to draynor most likely will add in lunar magiks npc contact at a later date
  9. Massive vouch for cub, flawless script great helpful guy, look forward to the new updates
  10. Loving how much love the script is finally getting some really solid fluid coding all the tiles and bang on cant wait for the future updates keep it up cub Funny, he said his law crafter was ready to me in a pm last week for $10. I skyped him today twice: hey man i see your message on tribot, law crafter with pouch support for $10. is that ready? [10:15:15 AM] Jake Scott: are you there? no answer at all. I tried messaging him on tribot, his inbox is full. And now you post that on his thread? sad. give him a little time to repsond been speaking to him and he has been busy its a great script really worth the money
  11. Ive just given H my account to add in ballon support as well as pouch support, possibly glory is well not 100% sure Script is flawless runs perfectly Quick proggie:
  12. Script doesn't even run for me?? any help
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