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  1. [10:50:32] Ryan Chand: Hey wanna buy 25m osrs ?
    [10:50:51] ▐Runescape Gold Shop▐  www.Probemas.com: Hey sure
    [10:50:59] ▐Runescape Gold Shop▐  www.Probemas.com: 1.05$/m
    [10:51:14] Ryan Chand: Pm me first please

  2. Did account training service, was really fast, thanks!
  3. this startup ui is made for clairvoyant users only, is full version is also looking the same?
  4. no need to rework, 70% of quest worx flaweles (disable roof), there is few bugs and tremendous amount of work have already been put into making this. if it would be premium it would make developer fix bugs faster, this one is really ass && time saver for most of my bots
  5. Logic and quest solving works fine, the problem is its probably using tribots api webwalking which fucks up everything, it goes 7 tile distance 10 minutes sometimes around all freaking area, also it goes back and forth and this is straight way to ban (very well known webwalking bug), you should use webwalking just and just to get to the starting point of a quest, then use pathmaker tool to generate proper paths. Also tabs usage is very buggy it uses without any reason most of the times. you should remove this feature. Also it discards bank content for items required for the next quest, quests will go alot quicker if script could use required items from the bank. Otherwise its great attempt to quests, if it will be premium i will definitely buy it
  6. its not jagex its bluehornet smtps's (used by jagex) is greylisted on most spam databases, which means than incoming mail will be on hold for 20 minutes or rejected.
  7. Ability to omit validation email would be great, since many farmers have "catch all" domains anyway
  8. without rc 91 runner pays off in 16-18 hours, ban rate allows to survive no more than 24 hours, and players from abbyss are always reporting crafter so he spends huge amount of time in randoms, and after last update this friday karamja bots are spirited to bot worlds every 5 minutes instead of 40 before, maybe thats just for me
  9. getArea() does not work anymore, use getArea on items does not work as many other functions on tribot, use private static Rectangle shopRects(int i) { return new Rectangle(80+(47*((i%8))), 70+((i/8)*47), 30, 30); } //then Mouse.click( (int) shopRects(i).getX()+random(1,30), (int) shopRects(i).getY()+random(1,30), 3); //then items[i].click("Buy 10");
  10. how sell method can contain action buy? Anyway i jut tried this it does not work, getAll lenght is always 0.
  11. not to mention that to double nats is 5 months without runners with normal breaks
  12. this script smells a shit, plz delete from zdn
  13. new update came out today, script is not working atm