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  1. Hey guys, this is Probemas but you already know that because this post shows my username For those who don’t know me, I own one of the largest RS Gold selling/buying websites https://probemas.com and today I’m looking for the best scripter/developer out there to move RWT to the next level. My goal is to set-up an automated OSRS Gold delivery bot which would be used on multiple windows VPS at the same time. It should communicate with one of our servers through REST API. I would need the source code to compile the final version myself! Requirements for BETA VERSION: 1. Logging in and trading the gold to provided accounts when getting notification to do so. Also taking screenshots of each trade. 2. Communicating with our server about order status changes, for example, when order is delivered. 3. Updating account gold stock information with each login. 4. Bot should regularly delete jagex cache. 5. Anti-ban features to prevent macro bans. Budget for the BETA VERSION $1000-1500 [Any payment method] After successful BETA launch, work could continue in terms of adding additional functionalities to improve system and solve possible issues which we might face (what if not enough gold, what if account is banned, what if server is not responding, etc). Basically if BETA goes fine and if we’ll both want to continue developing it further, this could be a long-term well-paid project. I’m also very open for all suggestions related to this project as well as any other possible projects which could make life of a gold seller a biteasier Separate smaller scale projects which I’m also interested in: 1. Automatic forum bumping bot (for multiple forums) 2. Script which could do automatic screenshots when Runescape trading screen is detected and right after the trade. 3. Script which with each login to the account could detect and track RSN and amount of gold in the inventory. 4. Automated RS account registration tool (without tutorial). 5. Developing a decent Discord server with bot. If you’re interested in working with us on any of these projects please get in touch with me on Discord or Skype. My Discord Probemas#5245 (Unique ID 351248900268621824) Skype Click here to add
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