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  1. At least reply with an estimate on when it's going to be fixed please.
  2. I've been using this script for a few weeks and it works amazing. Only thing that happens is every once in awhile, it gets stuck besides the tanning house.
  3. Is ExLoader working again yet? It always says I need to update it, even though I just downloaded it..
  4. itz Zyzz


    Hey Nexus, can you look into Magic Longs please? It's not working for me. THanks
  5. itz Zyzz

    DG AIO Crafter [Al Kharid]

    Please fix banking
  6. Yessss. THANKS SO MUCH for updating!
  7. itz Zyzz


    Loving the beta! Just add the Combathelper features to it and it will be perfect! Keep it up
  8. itz Zyzz


    Is there anyway that you could add burrying bones? It would help many of us achieve our prayer goals
  9. Very excited for this. Loved you and your bro's PC script. Can't wait to try this one! Making a few accounts for it as we speak
  10. itz Zyzz

    TRiBot Beta 7.31_0

    Deleted my Tribot appdata and it now works. thanks.
  11. itz Zyzz

    TRiBot Beta 7.31_0

    TRiLeZ, the "Start Script" button doesn't work for me. How do I fix this?