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  1. Hey, I'd like to buy 50m OSRS gp via paypal. If you're trusted, I'm willing to go first. Add me on discord: davy#1618
  2. Are you still out of stock? If not, discord: davy#1618
  3. It's $5?! It says $10 for me ? I wish it was $5, I'll buy it in a snap
  4. have never been banned and yes it does (just look at my sig)
  5. Was hoping for $4.99 but that's me being greedy haha Thanks
  6. @Worthy Any plans to lower the cost of this script? Bought this script when it offered Lifetime but since: I don't have it anymore. I can see the reasoning behind it but paying $15 has me thinking that I'll need to play (since this isn't a bot) at least 10 hours of straight zulrah just to earn my money back in terms of rsgp is a bit demotivating. I would rather spend those 10 hours refreshing my memory and re-memorizing the patterns on my own.
  7. Edit: Nevermind, restarted tribot and everything worked lol
  8. yeee bro, hope it helps That used to be my approach but then decided to why not be risk free! Enjoy your 94 mage when you get it
  9. lol just search them up Google Jagex and find their hours of operation Nope I literally used an autoclicker via osrs legit client Just bot in your POH where no one can report you as soon as a few ppl report you, you're kinda fucked
  10. no problem man, i was like you when I was 70 range I only used mith darts I only do 1 game per bot session and break for 1-2h each time On weekdays, I"ll bot 4-5h and on weekends I botted 10-12h I never botted during jagex's working hours and also autoclicked (got 94 mage) in my POH a couple of hours each day in between nmz
  11. super range/abs + rockcake prayer flick blowpipe + full void + archer ring (at around 85+ range, I was getting 100k+ xp/h and 90+ was like 110k+ xp/h
  12. i have 99 range from lvl 70 range cuz of ex-nmz
  13. I got 99 range and during that time I had armadyl chestplate/chainskirt, nothing was touched. m8. I did blowpipe with void and got 115k xp/h (now 99 range) It's not false adv, your levels are just shit
  14. I have 98 range becuz of the nmz script, it's worth it
  15. dude chill It's just a little meme entertainment
  16. Me looking for our downtime compensation
  17. Is it really worthy maging in nmz? Jagex nerfed the xp for maging plus if you're using tome of fire and your runes, that's really expensive imo : P
  18. I have an account that's 82 agility cuz of aAgility v2 No bans, ran for 8h a day
  19. Cosimo


    I'm alching to 94 mage rn (currently 91) via autoclicker on a legit client. I only alch in my house though! Could you tell me your alching patterns? Like how many hours/day? I'm so close 94 mage and want to be efficient as possible.
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