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  1. @Starfox I am trying to cook karambwans in Rogues Den but script just stops after I initiate it...
  2. @Netami Is this script still good to use?
  3. @xCode Does this support the rimmington location? with the exchange bank notes thingy?
  4. wish I didn't though :/
  5. TeamViewer him bro Edit: Nvm Get him to restart his client or some shit. Since he just upgraded, tell him to delete all his tribot folders and restart
  6. Thanks for the amazing NMZ script man! If you can add a GUI and let the people choose which powerups they want, it'll be even sexier/anti-ban! However, so far... I love it! Thanks again!

    1. FALSkills


      Which powerups would you be interested in? Personally I dislike having GUIs in my scripts but I can just provide arguments to skip them, and powerups shouldn't take too long to add.

    2. Cosimo


      Oh then it's up to you. Well the easiest ones to add are the Zappers and Re-Current damage as it helps gain points without doing any work at all. Perhaps just have like two check boxes for the powerups?

    3. FALSkills


      Sure, I'll work on that sometime this week if I get a chance.

  7. ooo that's smart
  8. I have a question... I thought we are only allowed to send 5 credits every 31 days O.o How is a person suppose to pay 6usd+ scripts to a prem scripter? O.O
  9. will do!
  10. LOL true true It's quite rare that it does but the thing is, when you stand and cook on it, people will tell you to get off and if you don't talk... they'll start asking you questions and next thing you know, they start reporting you. Also could you also check the karambwan cooking at rouge's den? It's not working either : P (Also can you make this like $0.50 or $1 or something so I don't need to buy vip to use this for this weekend)
  11. @Encoded I'm at 15m cooking xp with your script! Thanks! I wouldn't mind if you could add a little more antiban? haha : P But could you also fix the problem that Rkt said?
  12. Yahhhh remade!
  13. nah man the firewall prompt is there so the script can access its database to send their codes to your client so you can actually bot. I've been using the client since rs07 was created. I've never been hacked or w/e