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  1. @Encoded any chance karambwans will be added? None of the fishing scripts support karambwans
  2. Auto Cooker [Open Source]

    best cooker on tribot
  3. Pretty nice proggy: Making cballs. Had to stop to fix breaking since I had it for short periods of time. Thanks Alpha.
  4. Gonna try this out on my alt... thanks @Usa
  5. New changes to tribot.

    They still had the option to upgrade for free without service interruption, Microsoft also still supports and updates windows 7 so that's not a good example. Even if people associated it as a product, there would still be a sense of betrayal. They paid for a product, the product will still be available however they need to pay again to continue to use it. I understand there frustrations. Everything will end up being better, if there is proper enforcement and quality assurance from those that make these kinds of decisions.
  6. New changes to tribot.

    You're saying that as a scripter. What about from a customers stand point who paid for a product, albeit years ago, and now that product will no longer be available to them? So, I purchased Windows 7, which is a LIFETIME auth and will get updated for FREE for years. Microsoft decides to end the lifetime updates, forces you to pay again for updates and I'm not supposed to be slightly upset? I think you should try to look at it from other points of view even though I agree with the update people have a valid reason to be upset. I don't mind it at all if there is actual enforcement behind it and not just words. If updates don't happen or the script is broken all the time, remove the script and refund the customers.
  7. New changes to tribot.

    He must be picking flax.
  8. This is good as long as there is more accountability towards script makers who tend to let there scripts fall by the waste side. I feel that some of them tend to forget they have customers who paid for a product. It would be incredibly unfortunate if I paid for lets say, a 6 month auth and the bot isn't working every other week. Basically a waste of money. With this change, is there going to be a change in how script disputes are handled? If there is a noticeable issue with the bot, will customers be able to get a refund?
  9. Thanks TRiLeZ. Hopefully it'll get updated so I can buy it >_<
  10. Taking Premium Script Requests

    @Encoded A functional blast furnace script would be nice.
  11. This thing must be dead, last post from OP was in April?!?! No updates since July... 3+ pages of ppl saying its broken. @daxmagex whats going on? I was going to buy this until i saw the complaints. @Usa @TRiLeZ @Todd why is this allowed?
  12. [ABCL 10] ExShopper - AIO Shop Buyer & Seller

    doesnt look like it buys 50. it does hop worlds tho. not sure why not though, seems weird that the bot buys 10 x 5 times instead of 1x 50 @erickho123
  13. Auto Cooker [Open Source]

    Ran perfectly yesterday doing wine cooking, After your update it now it clicks 1st grape and 15th jug of water which is un-human like. Previously it would click 14th grape and 15th jug of water (right next to each other)