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  1. ross620

    Auto Tithe Farm Pro

    anyone done this lately? xp at 34 farming / hr? ban rates ? seems like an inactive script / thread let me know please ;D
  2. cause today i was in a world w like 3 ppl and it was obvious tahts why im saying it lol .. waht world do u normalyl do it in
  3. i wish this thing would close the door when doing ardy knights , the fact that it does not close the door right away when entering makes it look so suspicious .. i got accused many times
  4. what meathod / level did you start . i wanna do a low lvl hunter to like 70s or so . not trying to get banned . any successful 99ers with this script lately?
  5. looking forward to trying this, ur blast furnace script is great , i hope and expect nothing less from this herblore script
  6. grats ! what kind of settinigs / run time / anti ban / and high lvl account or low?
  7. holy shit that proggie lmfaoo what camera settings do u u use? what speed? any other specific anti ban features?