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  1. N64 Zelda.
  2. Taken from OSBOT "well just now I walked past Nightmare zone, and noticed a jmod that's banning hosts and looking in game for dhers/pures bot abusing. Mod wealth just said he will be at NMZ the whole day banning mains and hosts. Heres the link. Quick find code: 317-318-112--65227763 Edit: for some reason paste doesn't work for me. Edit: just copy and paste code and google and read the post made by mod wealth. Edit: That's the right code now"
  3. TrileZ's got offered more money from Jagex than he's making on here. ;] Case closed. Haha.
  4. Afraid to ever bot now due to this. It does seem that they can decipher the client being used, what other method could they have.
  5. Enjoy.
  6. I was doing this also. What level ones were you training on for reference?
  7. Does this log out once all alchs have been done? Edit: I ended up on white wolf mountain after 5 minutes.
  8. Yes seriously. Yes I used pots but not always, rarely in fact. I never pick up arrows.
  9. I get 33-34k an hour using bronze arrows got to 90 in less than two weeks at experiments..
  10. Go to settings on the Tribot clients, its there.
  11. Would love this feature also. All in all the script is superb.
  12. Guilty as charged.
  13. Same problem with me, except I was bot watching so was fortunate.