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  1. Exiled

    made apure

    Sand crabs are great too if you've never been.
  2. Aren't they still banning in waves of thousands of accounts? Seems like the most efficient way. Just bot safe.
  3. Suicide botting will probably get you banned fast. But if you bot moderately, or baby sit it you will significantly reduce that chance. A premium script will reduce it even further. Basically just don't bot 24/7. And take breaks/talk to people/quest etc.
  4. I would only trust that for teleporting or alching lol. But that's one way to do it.
  5. I did a few stats. Fishing was easy because you blend in.
  6. It's the best for crush attack but I still use the rune 2h.
  7. Have any of you guys tried the natural light alarm clocks? They seem to be good for waking up more refreshed.
  8. Exiled


    I did around 95 for our high school physical fitness test. I still work out but haven't done them in forever. I'd say I could do 100 if I practiced for a week. Good thing about push ups is they become easy very fast.
  9. Back day is my favorite. I get a huge back pump lol.
  10. Sounds like those itworks things you see on facebook.
  11. Eat less, track your calories and if you do cardio it would be more beneficial if it's HIIT.
  12. Mass gainers are usually loaded with junk fillers and are way too expensive. The scoop size is huge too. Not saying they don't work, increased calories will always work. But there's better ways.
  13. Just need to rest and recover. It won't be as bad next time you hit those same muscles. I have a rumble roller that helps quite a bit.
  14. You should download myfitness pal or similar app and track your calories to see what you're really eating. You scan scan items in and almost every food item is in the database. You can use a simple iifym calculator to find an estimate of your needed macros. Then just eat accordingly by foods such as pasta,rice,meats,etc.
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