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  1. Sent you a request on skype.
  2. Found a scripter.
  3. Can anyone tell me how this script has performed for them? Duration of time using the script before being caught & hours per day? Rock crabs is a pretty big hotspot for botters after all
  4. I'm really confused as to how we can use the human mouse feature... so we need to first submit our data, then get vip-E and then wait for our data to be implemented and then we have the feature enabled?
  5. Dat Bot hunt xD
  6. I'd like to have a fresh IP since I got banned on first day using one that i bought recently :/ I've contacted yohojo on skype but doesn't seem to be there. How can I go about getting one?
  7. I have two questions: •Can someone tell me what the best host is for dhing using absorbtion potions please? •Also is it worth making a booster acc to bot selling games with or do they get banned quickly, I'm looking to bot for about 2-3 weeks? (anyone with past experience on this perhaps?)
  8. Does this script work/have no bugs guys?
  9. @Tri No worries I understand since its quite a specific update. Was the last issue I had due to the worldhopping error you fixed? If so, then great
  10. @Tri Just thought I'd let you know I was stuck behind a security door when fighting in the stronghold level 4. It was continually spamming the monsters on the other side of the room, I'll try to see if it happens again and send you a screenshot or something, but just thought I'd give you a heads up. Edit2: Got this in the client debug then got ROL'ed [12:12:41] Attempting to hop to random world: 14[12:12:58] Unknown login message: 752[12:13:03] Unknown login message: 360[13:23:47] Unknown login message: 392[13:23:48] Unknown login message: 395[13:23:50] Unknown login message: 391[13:23:52] Re-calc true
  11. I've heard if you want to check if the proxy is working you can check via: View > Runtime information